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Discussion in 'Main' started by NABI, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. NABI

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    After playing a popular gamemode, I was thinking about taking this gameplay mechanic and turn it into a box for Core.

    Name: Deathbox (Example)
    Effect: Incapacitation are removed. You die when your HP reaches zero, no matter the state.

    Sounds tough, but there are custom gamemodes playing whole campaigns like this lol. All sorts of medical supplies become essential and careful approach is adviced.

    I thought this could be tried in Core and it would cope well with its current difficulty, but what do you think? And if you have thoughful and possible box suggestions, then feel free to share :D
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  2. Somebody

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    You know it would be fun. A Hellbox. bloodbox + Angrybox + Hardbox.
  3. [Hun] Lepto

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    Both of these would be super unfun and stupid. As if the game is not already very punishing with boxes.