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Discussion in 'Main' started by Tigr a ne kotiK, Dec 15, 2021.

  1. Tigr a ne kotiK

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    Night, well today i got a ban because TK and abusive that expires in "one day" and i still don't get it ¿,':D?
    I joined to play quiet don't looking for troubles as always and some pink player crossed my fire when i was shooting a jockey, didnt see necesary an apology after all was his mistake. But then a third start to complain about me, I usually ignore this kind of people but it's not the first time that he try me and almost sure i'm not the only. My answer maybe didnt like at all, but there goes my complain...
    Didnt shoot him deliberate why ban because tk and abusive?
    I stop shooting after he crossed and i didnt incapacite him. Also I get all sort of insult from mic to chat, even i have to mute those players that dont have other thing to say than bad words, talk loud or just don't stop to talk. (I have an idea for this command tho)
    Im usually quiet player that doesnt say nothing even when people kill me, shoot, bile or help me when tank is next to me. One day of ban? Really?
    Admin just hear one part of this problem and didnt look for me to explain, just a ban? thats all?
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    Your ban is mainly related to insults. It was necessary to simply ignore or not write covert insults in another language, in the hope that no one would understand.

    Because you are a quiet player and there have been no complaints about you before, the ban has been removed.
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  3. Tigr a ne kotiK

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    I'd said it it's not the first time that he try me, i'm just play peacefully, talking cool with friends and he just mess with me. Actually I don't know what I did to make him have something against me
    I was talking with other spanish player that was explaning me about the victimizing. "Idiota" and "tarado" (synonyms ) are not a big bad words, people say throught mic even worse... And don't get a ban for a day u know
  4. Tigr a ne kotiK

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    But I'll take ur advice, it's better ignore him. Thanks
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    Day by day Diego becomes more and more a violator :v
  6. Tigr a ne kotiK

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    Ok :)
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