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    Hello everyone, I propose as the title says a new custom map focused on the mountain namely: Fall in Death
    In Fall in Death we start after a cinematic on a road after we parachuted ourself after a chopper transformation. All the map are huge, some with multiple way to go (like a train or the sewer if train is not opened) Many of big area to farm or to kill tank, and 2 new "area" with don't get until now : In an abandoned mine and ... a snow station ! In Bonus the end of the map is a sacrifice, one of us need to stay to launch the cablecar , but before that you have to found something to start it...
    You got a reskin of one weapon to get a pickaxe ( Like pickaxe got rochelle on the trailer)
    PS: You can try it in solo but bot are very braindead x)
    And In case you need to know, there a sccript with an axe and a tree to cut but maybe it could be change
    Link of the map :
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