Recent ban on US-24 coop server

Discussion in 'Main' started by Not Neko, Jul 14, 2022.

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    this is not to shame anyone but more of to ask a quest and get clarification

    Auto Voteban Dani3L (Rank: 10 | Points: 79106) 88 TK.
    Dani3L killed teammate Oblivion
    Dani3L killed teammate bb4iley
    Dani3L killed teammate …Now…

    this person was voted to be banned by mass majority on the server and I wanted more or less to hear wtf happened

    but also to get clarification on the ban time for the 75 tk auto ban vote, is it a 6 hour time limit or is it permanent? because with that many points I know it was a fatal accident more or less and wouldn't want to see this person be permed.

    but again, just wanting to know the story behind their pov if they decide to show up to the thread
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    thank you​