Suggestion to fix the damn Versus

Discussion in 'Main' started by ChirithyLight, Aug 15, 2022.

  1. ChirithyLight

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    So basically on Versus there always an unbalanced advantage team, making the the versus fucked up. Most of time a team got like 5k points more than other team, or you got a 3 vs 8 in game.
    To fix that it's maybe time to add an auto-balance team at each map, with a team lock, meaning when balance is made, you can't change team, if you choose a team you play on it till the end. No more balance fucked up by a !balance and team switching to get advantage against the other team
    For now the versus don't have any fun with the unbalanced game and team member, every time we see the unfair advantage got a team against other making people leaving versus
    That's all
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  2. Nekronto

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    it would be fine
  3. Monkeyoops

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    UnBallance always happens when someone leave the game, that's why maybe it seems so unbalanced, cause we can't make !balance each new campaign map, cause players needs connection with their teammates, and if we changed our balance system every time none of players would be stay in the game for a long time. It's about the atmosphere. Just wait for a new skilled person's on your team squad