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    ufobox- throws players/zombies upward from within an area and falls in a projectile, depending on where they are moving. The players have absolute control when falling using their mouse only, just like b-hopping. This is to help them fall on top of the zombies to avoid getting any damages. The players who are standing on the highest point get incapacitated or killed while players on the normal surface get damaged. Players who get stuck on high elevated areas, it's their problem on how to get down.

    gravitybox- works the same as the rock thrown by gravity tank. It pulls players and zombies all together in one place. This is likely to be in game just how firebox works the same as the rock thrown by fire tank or vomit box from bile rock.

    swapbox- swaps every player or a number of players on the location from other players' location. Example, players A, B, C, D, E are standing on places a, b, c, d, e respectively. When swapbox is activated, A would be at d, B at a, C at e, E at b.

    I'm okay if they won't get implemented in game, I just want to share anything that's in my head.
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    Gravity box sounds kinda nice, especially if its gonna pulls players on pretty long distance, its will give them a chance to fall off from some edges, or something like that.
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    gravitybox + running charger
    mmm delicious
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    Chaos but sounds fun