Suggestion for new tank/boxes

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    Spitter tank- Inspired by spitterbox. The tank leaves a trail of acid, and when it stays put, it creates a small pool of acid killing the incapacitated and damaging anyone who tries to melee. We need more of this kind of tanks like electro tank/pika tank.

    Night box - it turns the time of the map into night or total darkness for a limited time. All the players must rely on their flashlight and the aura around their team members. This box goes well with realism box to avoid rushing and finally putting all the players together to work as a team like a co-op should be, right?

    Ghost box (Seasonal box - Halloween/November) - Special infected will have ghostly appearances, and they will usually roam to trigger you to a shoot them like a flick of an awp or something. And a scary face will come up to your screen with a loud scream for a short jumpscare. These ghostly special infected attacks but will not damage, and when they damage you, they disappear. Also, adds scary/ horror music like ring around the rosie song.

    Not gonna lie, it would be nice to have seasonal boxes like for Christmas, anyone who gets Christmas box gets 1000 points.

    See you next time!
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