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    As I said before, we need more tanks that cannot be melee'd to balance the tanks or change the difficult of the game. Before that:

    FlashbangBox - basically, it flashbangs anyone looking at the direction where the player opens the box. The one who opened the box gets the most seconds out of the flash. The mechanics work the same as any shooter games like CSGO. Huh? You don't like white screen in your dark room? Good.

    White Tank - it's just a normal tank that throws a white boulder that flashes anyone who looks at it and gets hit by it. Every 5/10/15/20 second, this one randomized to make the players get flashbanged, the tank flashbangs itself. Or, or, the tank gets more whiter until it flashbangs itself to warn players to look away. This means players have to stay far away or look away with timing. Melee is possible, but it's fine.

    PlagueTank - a tank that moves with constant plague around itself to avoid getting melee'd. And every time it throws a rock then it lands, it creates a smoke like from a after death of a smoker but it constantly damages anyone who stays around it.

    EarthquakeTank - shakes your screen where it is hard to aim/shoot at the tank because your aim cursor keeps moving around. The intensity of the earthquake depends on how far or how near you are to the tank. So if you try to melee it, you will be moving like a spinbot. Anyone who gets hit by it's rock gets the most shake, while the ones who dodged it, but still near it, still gets a shake.

    Lastly, the UltimateTank/AllForOneTank/UltimateTank Box/AllForOneTank Box - combines all the powers/ aspects of the tanks into one tank. So this is the ultimate boss, a bigger tank.

    This is just what is mine, it's my idea. But it's up all to the ones who want to decide/make/implement into the game. Thank you!
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