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    KeymanBox - this box locks the keyman to the saferoom. If the keyman dies, the round is lost, and the game will reset. It only applies randomly to a PRO ranking player, and if the keyman is safe in the saferoom, all players will be rewarded with points, and the keyman will have a chance to get a jackpot. I thought of having this to all players, but I don't know, it's your choice. (This was inspired when we were blaming Omar/4Arm) :)

    SilenceBox - removes all sounds in the game except from your gun, character, and the ambience of the environment. This increases difficulty when we don't know what zombies are coming like a tank, a special infected, or a horde of zombies.
    RealismBox + NightBox + SilenceBox = Horror game

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    Silent bosses box. Sounds interesting!
    Wonder if it possible to realise.