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    KeymanBox - this box locks the keyman to the saferoom. If the keyman dies, the round is lost, and the game will reset. It only applies randomly to a PRO ranking player, and if the keyman is safe in the saferoom, all players will be rewarded with points, and the keyman will have a chance to get a jackpot. I thought of having this to all players, but I don't know, it's your choice. (This was inspired when we were blaming Omar/4Arm) :)

    SilenceBox - removes all sounds in the game except from your gun, character, and the ambience of the environment. This increases difficulty when we don't know what zombies are coming like a tank, a special infected, or a horde of zombies.
    RealismBox + NightBox + SilenceBox = Horror game

    Until next time!
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  2. iOFl

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    Silent bosses box. Sounds interesting!
    Wonder if it possible to realise.
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    KeymanBox would be crazy
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    Silence Box + bosses that spawn right behind your back. You are the real evil, please stop))
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    You could still play with the first box. Like protect the president. If the key player gets to the save zone. Then everyone will also get extra points) It will be fun to watch how everyone will jump under the charger to protect the president :D
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    door rushers don't like this >_>