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    Let's make something useful that is found in the game. Do you know the minigun or the machine gun fixed in the finales in most campaigns? I usually find new players or noobs using it, but they stopped using it. And based on my experience, I can say I know the reason. It is because it gives TK so fast when you hit a player, making nobody using it, fearing of getting kicked or banned.

    So, my suggestion is to remove the TK. Make the players who use it useful and let them enjoy without any problems. Spawn hordes of zombies in front of it, make the damage slightly higher than normal guns, enough to kill normal special infected. But most of all, and probably the most important, if they kill zombies that drop +1 point, give it to them. They deserve the point for killing annoying commons.

    Also, 4Arm suggests of having radio in the game. I guess, Omar doesn't browse his phone while he's dead and waiting to respawn. But in my opinion, it's a nice touch. Ehem, if you add songs from GTA: San Andreas. Ehem. Apologies for my coughs. Anyway, waiting is a thing in the game. And I guess, it helps the players enjoy waiting while listening to music. However, I probably won't use it because I play songs from my phone.

    That's all!
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    Делаем ставки!
    Сколько выдержит Омар, слушая инстасамку и Бузову по радио?:D
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    За деньги да!
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    Это я в Дубае , я щас отдыхаю ^^
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    Давай актуальную лучше..
    Со мной сумка Chanel
    All-inclusive отель
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    i like this Idea :)
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    please no i just heard s song from Instasamka ill commit suicide mid game =\
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    Will you commit suicide in the game to enjoy instasamkoi?:D
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    instasamka good,is funny.
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    Why not use Steam music player for that?
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    I think many don't know how to use it,also with the steam update it is more complicated to use now [​IMG] .
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    i used steam music before because spotify doesn't have every song and youtube music have to alt tab out to change(can't change with mobile/watch like spotify).
    it was so convenient till the new steam update removed music feature :(