who wants Chappie back ?

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Want me back

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    CHAPPIE Новичок

    hi guys who wants me back on EU server ? <3
    --- добавлено: 25 июн 2023 в 22:03 ---
    guys vote fair you want me back on EU server like in the old days or not? just feel free to vote whatever you like
    --- добавлено: 25 июн 2023 в 22:55 ---
    admins delete this thread i cant do nothing for the server is worst than the first time i open it.
    Unfortunately is hard to get the good players back i give up.
    have a good one guys and enjoy the game!
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  2. iOFl

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    yo Chappie
  3. R1ZLA®

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    chappie is admin eu server yes? is very bad no back...
  4. sugoi

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    CHAPPIE Новичок

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