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Discussion in 'Main' started by Drago08, Aug 30, 2023.

  1. Drago08

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    hello, i hit people accidently when they come in sight of me but i am not intentionally killing people in the server & sometimes people in server are like banning everyone for small mistakes .. i am in begineer level n learning to handle it .. but now due to which i got 3 days ban now .. but i want to play again .. can't wait for 3 days .. kindly remove the ban plz.

    my steam username :- drago08
    steam id :- STEAM_1:0:40769603
    autoban by server at 30/08/2023
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  2. Kristinka^^

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    Простить :)
  3. ZoOom

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    Как скажешь, начальник :p
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  4. Kristinka^^

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    С вами каши не сваришь, вообще
  5. Drago08

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    got banned again today .. :( plz unban
  6. cl0cky

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    lol, desevert :D
  7. mk1

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    Just dont use machine guns, shotguns, molly/gas cans and GL mate, till you will play better, its gives a lot of TK points.
    And ppl like to jump on your crosshair all time.

    For helping teammates (defib, heal with medkit, picking up incaped once) TK points gonna remove little by little, so shoot less, help more for now. Learn to play melee mostly for now, best option for you.
  8. cl0cky

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    Agreed, I went from negative then to almost 20k in a few weeks due to the change in gameplay