Open box = BAN 1d + 14d. abuse?

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    LUNATIKAS Новичок

    2 days ago I got banned for making some random guy angry by opening a boxes and killed all team, then he started to type in chat that he's gonna kill me, he will be addicted to killing idiots like me... Well, he kinda did it , I get 2 bullets in me ass and was puted down, and Mr. Admin reaction was : "Ouh you both specially TK's each other? ok,ok, you bouth say sorry or i will ban you bouth." I do not have to say sorry for what I did not do. Yes i killed all team whit box for that I am sorry but I'm not going to stop opening those sweat boxed. So you heard my story, I get banned For "purpose tk" for 1 day, so I didn't take it into my head too seriously, next day i check ban list it turns out that I got another ban for "purpose tk" 14 days (two weeks) from same Mr. Admin.

    So readers, is it was admin abuse or a fair ban? Oh yea one more thing, I will like to ask unban. To proof my truth I have console screenshot, and demo.

    2 дня назад меня забанили за то, что я разозлил какого-то случайного парня тем, что открыл ящики и убил всю команду, потом он начал писать в чате, что убьет меня, он будет пристраститься к убийствам таких идиотов, как я... Ну, он вроде как сделал это, я получил 2 пули в задницу, и меня положили, а реакция мистера Админа была: «О, вы оба специально знаете друг друга? ок, ок, извините, или я вас забаню». Мне не нужно извиняться за то, чего я не сделал. Да, я убил за это всю команду, извините, но я не собираюсь прекращать открывать эти коробки. Итак вы слышали мою историю, меня забанили За "с целью тк" на 1 день, поэтому я не придал этому слишком серьёзного значения, на следующий день проверяю список банов, оказывается, что я получил ещё один бан за "с целью тк" 14 дней (две недели) от того же господина Админа.

    Итак, читатели, это было оскорбление администратора или справедливый бан? Ах да, еще кое-что, хотелось бы попросить разбанить. В доказательство моей правды у меня есть скриншот консоли и демо.
  2. BxstardXI

    BxstardXI Новичок

    I rechecked the logs and will unban you after contemplating your trolling behavior. It was an honest mistake and I thought you both were shooting at each other from the way you responded to my message in game.

    Also the 14day ban was adviced by another admin and I just entered it in

    And instead of calling me of abusing admin id appreciate it next time when you think iam unfair about it you can message me instead so we can both look at it... would be much more helpful next time then just going dead silent in the chat after just saying "he started it" and then going quiet

    To make my wrong doing right i can offer you 2 days of vip as compromise(my costs)

    I appreciate your feedback and I'll see how I can approve to be of better service. -BxstardXI
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    LUNATIKAS Новичок

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  4. BxstardXI

    BxstardXI Новичок

    As you can see in the screenshots I was very confused with little information at the start as I wasn’t even ingame a few minutes before that. You can see me asking if you both were shooting each other at first, and from those responses I reacted with what i thought was fitting for the situation which i can see now were the wrong actions.

    I sincerely apologize for mistaking the situation and am still offering you 2 days of vip on my costs to make it right

    LUNATIKAS Новичок

    All good survivor, please dont give me vip I don't like it, its feels like a cheating its too much powerfull. thank you
  6. BxstardXI

    BxstardXI Новичок

    Alrighty then, I hope things are still good between us though?

    If theres anything you can always message me to either report or for situations like this^^
  7. mk1

    mk1 Активный пользователь Участник

    Barley ppl can shot you for trolling with boxes (i mean, well its forbidden in any case), of course its not so nice for players who playing for the win and points and such (like me), but sometimes its still fun, if its not happening each round by 1 man cause its bacome annoying and not fun at all.

    I still consider that such trolling of ppl should be forbidden, but its hard to proof that it was on porpouse.
    Only if you know that there is will be bad box by nextbox and hunting some BW players i think its possible to proof that.

    But by Accel words as i know, boxes are allowed in any case even for trolling (if not please respond).