Potential Removal of Last Stand map?

Discussion in 'Main' started by HappyBoxes, Feb 27, 2024.

  1. HappyBoxes

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    I have notice that a lot of players leave the Last Stand Map a lot because the map is not a very popular map. Would it be a chance we get this map remove from the map rotation permanently?

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  2. `Roxy

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    This is an official campaign that cannot be removed from the rotation. For this map accel specifically set the minimum number of attempts to pass unlike other maps
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    pretty sure i saw other servers removing last stand from their rotation but ig accel likes it
  4. ★ǤℴℴĐ★

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    It is not necessary to completely remove the map or campaign, it is enough to make the system like on versus - voting on the skip of the map . Simple, fast, and useful.
    p.s I would generally vote for a pass on all the final maps. Do we want to? - We're playing. No? - Okay.


    I recommend rescripting rather than removing.
    Like making it more playable so players won't abandon anymore.

    I'm personally against voting, it's a feature that disturbs the players while they're focusing on the enemies.
    Especially when happening after the round has started.