banned because im a noob

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    i was banned for team killing, this is actually my first server playing on so i didnt even know we could team kill. im still getting used to the game. is there any way i could get unbanned?

    EC RainSTEAM_1:0:1656432218.09.2013 10:18:56"Team Killer"Banned by server

    русский перевод от Google.

    Я был дисквалифицирован на команду убийство, это на самом деле мой первый сервер играть так, я даже не знаю, что мы могли убийств товарищей по команде. Im все еще привыкаю к игре. есть ли способ я могу получить Истекло?
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    The server gives a ban at five o'clock! In five hours the ban expires! Try to play accurately, don't shoot on the!
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    As Professor has stated, server ban are 5 hours long. In the mean time you are free to do other things such as sleep, read a book, or even play another game until it expires. But it is very important you do not shoot teammates or you will get banned once again.
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