Banned for wallhacking...

Discussion in 'Main' started by Trigon, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Trigon

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    Is there anyway I can convince "Nissa" or the rest of the admins to unban me.. being permanently banned from someone who - clearly has no idea how to spot a wallhacker or hacker - kinda sucks.

    She claims I'm wallhacking, but all I did was standing at an area where alot of specials comes from and using thirdpersonshoulder(which can't be concidered hacking because everyone use it..) I managed to kill one charger through the door, and that apparently was enough to ban me for wallhacking.

    I'm a very good gamer, I've never used any hacks. Played L4D1 for several thousands of hours in versus teams, and have about 600 hours in L4D2, never have I been called a hacker before.

    I hope someone understands english, registering here took awhile lol
  2. Cure Dream

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    Hello, I'm sorry for your predicament...Unfortunately we are not responsible for the actions of an Admin from a different server.
    This is Coop-24, "Nissa" is not a Admin from this particular server.
    But you are more than welcome to play in Semantic 24 for the time being.
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  3. Trigon

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    Alright, my bad. I just thought since they share rankings and the name 'semantics' I thought this would be the place to appeal. Her name was Niska/Natali btw, not Nissa.

    And thanks, there are no other servers that are as populated and enjoyable anymore.. and I hope the admins over here are more sensible than to ban someone permanently from seeing 1 wall-bang kill..
  4. Cure Dream

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    No need to apologize) Shit happens, ya know? Just don't sweat the small stuff...We only share the stats, that's pretty much it. Other than that the Admins in 24 are nice, except for SkipToMyLou...He's evil (I'm kidding...not kidding haha)

    So come play there and have fun. Need any more help with anything, you know where to go))
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