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    A story about Semantic :D
    Chapter 1:Hello

    After the U.S. military couldn't contain the infection, I thought the world would never recover. It was shortly after a couple of days that Russia has came to the American aid. I thought to myself 'Are they going to help us or make things worse?'

    The next day a handful of us were chosen to be taken into one of the Russian camps nearby. My anxiety had always taken the best of me, as I sat in the helicopter with a bunch a strangers.

    Once the chopper landed, snow was covering the land. We'd have landed on the East Coast (I was originally from here) I hesitantly bit the inside of my cheek while glancing left and right at this new camp. Curiously though the ones who were taken here were able-bodied. Fear looped through me as the eyes of many Russian soldiers glanced over at the American arrivals. I looked down immediately staring at my shoes crunching beneath the snow.

    I was very afraid of what might happen here, I looked like a crazy woman staring into space, I hadn't heard a soft spoken woman greet me. She was about 5'7" (170 cm) in height with beautiful tan skin, hazel eyes that added to her complexion, and long brown hair that reach her mid-back.

    "Hello?" she called out again but all I did was stare into her eyes as she was the first to speak to me in quite some time. Well at least until the world went to shit. "Hello..." I muttered out finally.
    "My name is Евгеша (Evgesha)" she smiled softly at me, her words pure and innocent. "And what is yours?" A breeze blew by gently brushing both of our hairs into a calm flow.

    "Nicole." I hushed it. I wondered if she heard me to be honest but I didn't care. I didn't want to be here.
    She glanced down at a clipboard in her hands and wrote something down swiftly. "I am the translator of this camp." She smiled again triumphantly.

    Conversations shot left and right as I sat alone at a table eating a strange cuisine I had never tasted before. The name Евгеша used was Solyanka. I wasn't entirely convinced of how it looked. Pickled water, cucumbers, cabbage, smetana, and spices. I was hungry so I ate it anyways.

    Turns out, I loved it.
    That night I lied in my cot. I couldn't sleep no matter how hard I tried. I just ended up tossing around like an idiot and staring into the ceiling. Eventually, I stared at the window watching the snow fall gently. The camp was dimly lit with fire pits and was heavily guarded with Russian military personnel.

    Was I safe here? No I wasn't. I knew I couldn't be. Nowhere was safe, not even under the safety of any military. The infection was spreading and it was mutating. It was just a matter of time before the walls of this camp came tumbling down. I didn't think about it to much as I just need to find the armory for precaution. I walked over to my cot and tried to sleep again.
    The next couple of days were boring and quiet. I just ended up eating strange cuisines, watching the snow fall at night and conversing with Евгеша. Though I didn't do much of the talking with her.

    It wasn't until the 4th day, she asks me if I could handle firearms. I simply nodded. This was excellent on my part since I missed the feeling of my pistols by my sides.

    "привет Евгеша, она может справиться с такой задачей? (Hello Evgesha, she can handle the job?)" a man asked her from behind. He was the commander of this camp. Core-SS was it's name. He was about the same height as her and had brown eyes with short black hair. On his back he had an AK-47 and some papers in hand. He didn't tell anyone his real name, he was simply referred to as Accelerator.
    "да, я так думаю.(Yes, I think so.)" she responded back to him. I wasn't sure what they were talking about and I didn't care either. I just wanted a weapon so I didn't feel so naked.

    Later that evening, I was taken to a shooting range with a few of the survivors here. There I met a beautiful woman named Holly. Her porcelain skin was unscratched and perfect. She had these green eyes that appeared like expensive emeralds and sleek brunette hair in shoulder length. Holly was the second in command at this camp. She was loved by the soldiers and civilians. As I approached her, she held out a pistol for me. English wasn't her language so she didn't speak to me. I didn't think much of it. I felt the cold metallic weapon in my hand. It sure felt wonderful to have a gun on me. It's shine in the winter's sun informed me of its condition. A brand new weapon. Holly pointed at a target in the distance she wanted me to aim at. I missed a couple of times before I actually hit it.
    "Bulls-eye!" I exclaimed with excitement. I still had it in me. Евгеша walked over to Holly and I with her signature smile and clipboard. "I see you have met my sister?" She glanced at me with grace. "Your...sister?" I repeated back. I'm not sure why I did, after the virus destroyed half of the world, I hadn't seen my family since then. I was 100% positive they had perished. A sudden shiver was sent throughout my body. Not from the cold. Not from fear or worry. But because I had no one left on this shattered world I could call a family or home. My home was probably in ruins filled with citizens who died in the process of fleeing.
    "Are you okay, Nicole?" Евгеша asked with a slight worry in her words. I snapped back to reality when I noticed Holly making an unpleasant face at me. I couldn't blame her either. Everyone looked at me as a psychopath since I arrived here. I waved my hands in a defense manner quickly covering my mentally absence display. "I'm fine just exhausted." I lied. I didn't want to worry these people with my personal dilemma.
    That night I lied in my cot once again in yet another sleepless night. And once again I stared out the window watching the snow fall delicately on the camp's already snowed terrain. Something had caught my eye this night. A soldier was waving at me...he smiled brightly through the night. For a moment nothing seem to matter at the very instant. I lazily waved back but of course without the smile. I didn't know who he was but he gestured me to join him. Nothing better to do since I didn't plan on resting. So I went to see this stranger.
    I exited the sleeping quarters and headed to the soldier's post in a guard tower located at the entrance of Core-SS. The temperature was freezing as I could see my breathe and hear the snow crunch against my shoes with each step.

    I climbed the ladder and met face to face with a young man. He wasn't that much younger than me, I knew that much. His woodsy color eyes glanced down on me while his 183 cm height towered over me. I noticed his light black mustache had a little bit of frost on it.
    "You speak Russian?" He asked as a cloud of cold air exhaled from his lips. I shook my head in an apologetic form. A slight chuckle escaped his mouth when he returned to view the forest on the opposite side of the tall structured walls surrounding Core-SS. These walls were specifically designed to keep the infected out, especially the special infected. A thought occurred within my mind. 'Could these walls withstand a Tank?' I bit my lip hesitantly as we both stared off in the distance hearing the owls hoot and the harsh freezing breeze howl.

    "Sooo..." I began to attempt conversation after moments of silence."Are there other camps like this one?" Curiously enough, I didn't care but I wanted to talk with someone.
    "Yes. Accel has said two more camps are near." He answered while lifting his weapon in a precautionary position.
    "Accel? That's the commander of this camp, right?" I leaned against the cold railing as I directed a puzzled look towards him. He chuckled once again as he looked through the scope of a Military Sniper in search of any lingering infected. "Yes." He softly replied.

    "Oh..." was the only thing that I quietly whispered. I looked to my left then right and saw other guard towers filled with a couple of soldiers doing the same as this guy. I decided to go back and attempt to rest.
    "What's your name by the way?" I asked as I headed down the ladder.

    "IceNick..." the young man announced as I left the guard tower.
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    I'm cried on this moment
    But seriously, it is not bad))) Forward to continuing this story
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    Thank you))) I will continue do not worry)
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    Не только ты плакал):rolleyes:
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    Кто-то плакал, а меня задело за душу:oops:
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    No one has died.....yet)))
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    ~SPOILER~ I'll die first :D ~SPOILER~
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    ~SPOILER~ You are not in story) ~SPOILER~
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    Thumbs up!
    How about love stories and erotic scenes?
    It would be much more interesting with a bit of adult content :p
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    You're kill my character with this proposal :D
    As I said, I died first: D :D
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    ok... but it is not a complete portrait. What about her magnificent breasts, chiseled waist and elastic round booty? It is a very significant details :p
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    оооох! Как классно! )) А продолжение будет? )
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    Xaxa or you do not exist at all)
    I would love to do this....but this is not a porno) I do not want to embarrass Holly)))
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    Да, я работаю над следующей главе сейчас ^^
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    Not porn, but love.
    If there is no love in the story world, then why to fight for this? There is no sense.
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    I don't want to write a story so you can pleasure yourself too. Of course romantic, but no details on sexual encounters. Accel won't let me
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    What? Accel? Do not worry about him. I can handle it.
    *Whrere is my ax*
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