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    I do not know. You are the author of history, you know better. I think because my soldiers was punctual and clearly followed the rules intercession on duty, the other question is why IceNick left guard tower before I take on duty :D
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    Nice rhyme :)
    Let me continue

    Beauty went on duty
    With a lot of fruity
    And he loves round booty
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    I don't know anything ^^ I just write and write until I am satisfied) IceNick was not as his guard tower for a reason. The question is: Why?)) Perhaps Accel needed his strength to manage the Tank)
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    Okay. Now we will wait for the continuation of this story: Chapter 3
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    You are more than welcome to think about the events in chapter 3)
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    Я не пытаюсь заставить Вас работать быстрее, просто хотел показать, что мы будем рады прочесть Ваше произведение))
    Перенес сообщение в этот раздел, там ему не место)))
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    I will complete the chapter soon) I honestly think nobody cares because they cannot understand English))) At the moment I am stuck with the plot because I think I made a mistake) But I will continue to work and work until I find the perfect words)
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    Good luck <3
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    Chapter 3: Despair

    Holly approached Accelerator with disgust in her eyes and anger in her heart "Привет Холли!" He smiled warmly at her precious face. In a swift motion she slapped his face that echoed in the commander's room. "Что это я слышу о смерти и танк?" He placed his fingers on his heated cheek in an attempt to soothe the pain. Silence flooded the room as he didn't say anything but continued to look into her green eyes. "И то, что о девушке, которая сбежал?" Holly asked again only to have her question tossed to the side. "Я не знаю..." he held her hands and closed a the gap between them. "Холли." her name exited his lips gently.

    "Что вы имеете в виду, вы не знаете?" she slowly backed away from the young commander. Once again he did not answer her. Infuriated with him, she turned to exit his room in search of Евгеша.
    Евгеша and Zombi sat in the dining hall eating their meals conversing with one another and going over notes of last night. "4 солдата погибли, Николь отсутствует, и эксперимент был успешным." Евгеша announced quietly to herself. "Какой эксперимент?" Holly appeared in front of them. She was not happy and this worried Евгеша. Zombi could the tension rising between the sisters so he decided to say it. "танк."

    "Евгеша, вы знали?" Holly felt a little betrayed her sister would keep this from her. But before she could answer, a voice shouted from outside the dining hall. "ТАНК!!!!!!!!!!!!" Holly, Евгеша, and Zombi ran outside to see the the monster. The beast had grabbed Zevs by his neck as everyone saw in horror. Poor little Zevs began to flail around trying desperately to escape the Tank's grasp. Holly instantly raised her Kalash and began fire into the beast's infected flesh. Soon Evgesha, Zombi, and a few soldiers opened fire on the beast but unfortunately the monster did not release Zevs.

    The Tank suddenly raised Zevs close to its mouth and bit his head off. Blood poured out from his corpse and onto the snow, tainting the purity of it. "нет нет нет нет нет нет нет НЕТ!" Евгеша yelled at the top of her lungs. Behind the Tank was the cage it resided in and labeled in large letters Smash Tank.

    The infected monster had dropped Zevs' tattered body to the red snow and began charging towards Holly. As if in slow motion everything moved slowly before her eyes. The Tank roared as it closed in on the second-in-command. Holly shut her eyes and waited for the beast to kill her. Accel watched from his window, screaming at Holly to run. Just before the Tank attacked her, she felt someone violently push her. Surprised by this, Holly opened her eyes to see the Tank had grabbed Евгеша by her waist, before anyone could react the monster had threw Евгеша over the walls of Core-SS. "ЕВГЕША НЕТ!" Holly screamed....
    I began to walk further into the snowstorm unable to see my surroundings ahead as the snow obscured my vision."Hello" I called out but no answer I was truly alone as I escaped the camp that I thought I would be safe in. There in the distance I noticed a small wooden cabin it looked like it had not been used in quite some time. For now it would be a resting place for me as I had nowhere to go. Would I ever go back to Core-SS? No, at least I thought I wouldn't. I began to enter the cabin slowly with my pistol in my hand I really was afraid of what I might find in here but I really needed a place to rest. The door of the cabin creaked slowly as I entered with caution I look left then right on my surroundings and nothing look out of the ordinary that is until I walked into the kitchen and saw a body on the ground. Maggots had devoured most of the corpse. The putrid smell build in my nostrils and I have an urge to vomit. The maggots were everywhere on the body; the eye sockets, the stomach, just everywhere. I quickly turned into the first room I saw. I closed the door quickly and took in the clean air.

    I opened my eyes to see a man pointing a gun at me. I slowly rose my hands up in a defensive manner allowing my pistol to fall the cold floor. "I didn't know anyone was in here." I slightly chuckled with no emotion in my voice. "Что? Вы оскорбляете мою мать?" the man stated at me. 'Fuck, he doesn't understand me' I thought to myself. "Меня зовут Скип, как тебя зовут?" I stared at him quietly as he lowered his shotgun and a woman came into view from behind him
    "He asked what your name is."
    "Huh? Who are you?" I asked hesitantly I slowly reached for my pistol but before I could grab it the woman pulled out her weapon swiftly. "I wouldn't do that if I were you...We don't know who you are and what you want but if you want to live you better cooperate."
    "My name is Nicole" Yet again I have to tell my name. "Well good, I am Ragen and this is Skip."

    She extended her hand to help me to my feet. I accepted it and wiped any dirt off. "Were you bitten?" she asked sincerely. "No..." I replied back staring at her and this man called Skip.
    I noticed they both wore military clothes on, which made me feel uncomfortable and curious. "Is he from Core-SS?" I hesitantly bit my lip waiting for an answer.

    "We both are."
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    Я определенно помню что темы были "толще" возможно я видел.... будущее о_О
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    Очень тонко :D
    to be continued...?;)
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    Не только тонко, но и слишком прилично :Р
    Конечно будет продолжение))) Чтоже будет с Евгешей))) Появление Ragen, почему она со Skip'ом?? И многое другое в 4 части :Р
    Так же нет подробностей моей смерти :Р ахахахахахкх
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    ахахах +1
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    Кажется я знаю, кто меня добьет если я окажусь в числе выживших
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    Ragen RAGEN!
    You're death will be explained soon) I will work on story today, I promise I have been very busy(
    Accel delete all new posts recently) Now no one like Chapter 3 xaxa
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    Chapter 4: Memories and Mistakes

    "Is he from Core-SS?"
    "We both are."

    I stared at the ceiling from the hard wooden floor, Ragen was cleaning her weapons whilst Skip was awkwardly making soft shiver. I don't understand how he was cold and we weren't. I guess we adapted to it. Although winter didn't seem like it was over but how long has it been since shit happened? 6 months? A year? LONGER?
    "What are you think about?" Ragen asked as I was lost in thought. "Well to be honest, I'm wondering how long since its been."

    "The infection? Or something else?"
    something else...
    something else...
    something else?

    I brushed off her second question and decided to answer the first without any emotion. "The infection." Wolves howled outside the cabin's walls and silence filled the cracks. Is this going change? I hope so...
    "Well I had to guess, maybe its been a year. But just maybe. Even so what's your story, Nicole?" the question echoed in my mind....

    "RUN!!!!" I shouted over the growls of the infected closing in on us. I slowly looked behind to see one of my friends getting eaten alive, water built in my eyes as a hand kept pulling me one direction. "Noooo! We have to go help her!" I began struggling to break free from the hand but suddenly a warped growl alerted me. In a quick flash a massive one armed beast grabbed me over 80 ft (24.4 meters) of wet concrete. It happened so fast that time literally didn't matter anymore. The Charger slammed me into the ground violently. "GET IT THE HELL OFF ME!" But my screams didn't matter. My friend didn't hear me and the other one is dead. Blood pooled on the wet concrete mixing with the water, diluting it. I felt my eyes slowly shutting seeing only the face of monster.

    A gun shot echoed in the area and the massive callous arm of the Charger loosened around me. I couldn't open my eyes, the pain was eating at my very essence. "Sir, they're all dead." a mysterious voice stated. The footsteps began to walk over to me, anxiety replaced the pain temporarily. "Aww poor girl, she's very beautiful too, I'm sorry I have to get rid of you" the man apologized in a thick Chilean accent. In seconds two warm hands lifted me from the ground with little blood dripping from my body. I slowly raised my hand to his chest and spoke in a soft broken voice..."Please kill me." The man stopped and even though I couldn't open my eyes, I could feel his eyes on me, looking at me.
    "What's the matter, Mauricio?"
    "Sir, the girl is alive but she's seriously hurt!"
    "Get rid of her."
    "BUT SIR! We could help her!"

    I laid in his arms listening to these idiots talk about my fate. This time a little anger overwhelmed me "Would you fucking help me or fucking kill me already!?"

    "Nicole? Are you there?" Ragen's voice snapped me back into reality. She looked at me in a very perturbed manner. Swiftly, I apologized and looked over at Skip. He was fast asleep and Ragen had finished cleaning her weapons a while ago. "Did I fall asleep?" She simply nodded at my question. Unexpectedly Ragen pulled out a blanked and gave it to me. I thanked her quietly and decided to rest. Did I look that terrible in her eyes? Евгеша or Holly too?

    "Ты в порядке, Холли?" a face appeared before her eyes in a blurry vision. Holly was in the infirmary covered in a few bandages. She placed a delicate hand on her head that had a headache throbbing within, Holly finally looked into the face of the person who was helping her. "O ВоЛчОнОК, спасибо за вашу помощь" ВоЛчОнОК smiled softly at her and placed a cup of water and pain killers on a table. "Прости меня, мне нужно чтобы помочь Professor." ВоЛчОнОК said to her whiling leaving the room.

    Holly closed her and eyes and relaxed into the soft bed. The bed felt like a white cloud but of course this cloud went gray quickly. The door slowly opened and Holly opened her eyes slowly. "Bulka..." Holly said to herself.
    "Я предполагаю, что ВоЛчОнОК не сказал тебе?" a smirk played on Bulka's lips like snake venom.
    "Евгеша мертв...."

    Holly's green eyes widen in disbelief and began to slowly fill with tears. Bulka simply smirked in her face and left the room, leaving the commander in a shatter world. The last person Holly had on this world was gone....
    A knocked repeated on the Head Commander's door. "босс?" a solider appeared with important documents.
    "Ах да, профессор" Accel placed his pen on the desk and opened the documents.

    • Bomber
    • Banah
    • Fender
    • Voland
    • Zevs
    • Evgesha
    • Nicole
    Добавлены стероиды в танк, Зомби лаборатория была карантин, Холли в лазарете: незначительные повреждения.

    Accel read slowly each word and placed the document on his desk for further studies. "Как солдаты умирают?"
    "ну..." Professor scratched the back of his head slowly. "Их кормили в танк."
    Accel sighed in an annoyed manner and returned to his desk. Before Professor left the room "Мы знаем, кто это сделал."
    Bulka entered Teg's room after the Tank fight. He had gauge wrapped on his and on his bare torso.
    "Как все? Ты сказал ей?" Teg asked as he kissed the soft perfect lips of Bulka. "да." She responded in between the kisses. His hands trailed up her shirt, feeling the silk skin on his rough fingers. Bulka lied down in the small hospital bed with him and continued the passion for a good amount of time. Bulka's hands had traveled on his perfect tone abs and his thick muscular arms. He bite her neck softly and she release a soft moan from her mouth that excited him. She stared into his green eyes with a promiscuous look.
    "Teg...." She softly said to him. They both were in a world of there own as the next thing that happened was the hot dance of intimacy.
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    Евгешу жалко( так и знал что это Крошка, надо было его сразу пристрелить, одно хорошо- Зевс помер^^
    Скип и Раген присоединятся к лагерю? Вот насчет Евгеши прояснить, она как бы улетела за стену и она точно умерла или пропала без вести? Т.е. есть труп и это точно ее труп, опознать же не кому Холли в больнице
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    Евгеша и я пропали без вести - уже интересно :D Все следят за судьбой Женьки
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