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    Chapter 5: Tragedy
    Accel sat in his desk, tapping his fingers against the smooth mahogany wood, thinking deeply of why Beauty would open the Tank's cage. The young man shut his eyes and thought about those he lost because of it....Holly lost her only sister. She may very well be dead now, but still, in the depths of his mind he knew that there was a reason for this. "Beauty..." he said softly...where was he now? No one knew. He disappeared shortly after the bloodbath commenced. A gentle knock bounced on his door.
    The door slowly opened to reveal Holly and Zombi. This couldn't be exactly the best conversation approaching.
    "Я хочу покинуть лагерь." Holly directly stated.
    "нет. мы нуждаемся в вас сюда."
    "Но сэр."
    "НЕТ! Если что-то случится с вами, я не прощу себе."
    "Я уезжаю сейчас, я должен найти Евгеша."
    "Я подготовил автомобиль, и я возьму наши лучшие солдаты."
    "Если вы оставите, не возвращаются." Accel's tone dropped to a serious vibe. He couldn't be serious? Right?
    Holly didn't say anything she simply looked into his eyes. She wasn't afraid nor worried but she couldn't sit still thinking that her little sister was in peril. No one was going to stop her. Not the solders, not Accel, not God himself.

    "вы это серьезно? Сэр, мы должны объединиться и работать вместе!"
    "Невозможно. У нас был террористом в нашем лагере. Я не могу взять этот риск..."
    Zombi and Holly left his office with silence. The boss was not being responsible. A threat towards the second-in-command? What is he thinking!?
    I slowly opened my eyes as the world around was blurry. Gently I arose from the cold floor and stretched while yawning softly. I looked at Ragen and Skip who were still fast asleep. What was I gonna do? Where am I suppose to go? The winter's sun beamed into the cabin's boarded up windows creating a soothing atmosphere. But suddenly I heard voices outside the walls of the cabin. From the sounds of it, it stopped right next to us.
    I grabbed my pistol swiftly and exited the room I was in.

    "Check for first aid and pills inside!" a mysterious voice shouted to someone (I assumed).
    I waited next to the entrance with my weapon aiming for whoever was going to enter. The door opened quickly and 4 men appeared. They couldn't be from Core-SS as they wore normal clothes. 3 of them pointed their weapons at me. It was like a showdown of pride at that very moment. "Who the hell are you?" I hissed at them. This caused motion to occur in the room Ragen and Skip were in. They were waking up....

    "We don't have time for this bullshit! Step aside."
    "Why should I?" I noticed the man yelling at me had a woman in his arms. Who was she and why did she look so familiar?
    "Move or I will kill you!" Another voice yelled at me. I lowered my weapon in defeat. I was outnumbered anyways and these men had stronger weapons than me...What was I suppose to do?
    Ragen and Skip exited the room with their weapons in hand. Now the men trained their weapons on them.
    "STOP! Put your weapons down...they have a hurt person with them..." As almost a command, they did as they were told.
    The 4 men entered the cabin swiftly and entered the room we were all sleeping in. The one man placed the woman on the couch and began searching for supplies. I started at her, trying to remember the pieces in my mind....No this woman couldn't be...
    "Евгеша..." I said quietly but everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me. The youngest man who wore a plain white shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots approached me.
    "You know her?" I didn't answer his question. I started at her condition. What the hell happened to her!? She looked a mess. She was bruised and had cuts on her body and clothes. Tension rose in the air, making me feel uncomfortable.

    A sudden howl roared outside, I was familiar with the noise...It was a horde of zombies. In a matter of seconds the zombies began clawing and kicking at the windows and doors. "We don't have time to play 20 questions!" I shouted over the growls of the infected. Instinctively we began defending ourselves in this tiny cabin. This was it...

    Gun fired bombard left and right in a quick motion. The bodies of the infected fell one by one but the horde seemed endless. We had to leave somehow but how could we? Ragen lit a pipebomb and threw it out the window drawing most of the infected towards it...




    The explosion sent blood and limbs everywhere. The snow began to taint, losing it's purity. Everyone began to exit the cabin, defending it. But luck was not on our side. A Smoker had grabbed Skip by his head and snapped in it. Ragen shouted in sadness of her fallen comrade. Yet it was not over, Hunters pounced 3 of the men, ripping them apart, until blood pooling on the snow. This is going to hell real fast...

    I went inside the cabin to pick up Евгеша and carry her out to safety. But something was wrong. She slowly opened her eyes as I knelt besides her...

    "Nicole, is that you?" her voice was shaky.
    "Yes, I'm here."
    She slowly raised her hand into the air and I grabbed it, holding our hands together.

    "I didn't think I would see you again." She coughed slightly
    "I'm sorry I left without a word...I couldn't be there."
    "I know...I understand..."
    "What's wrong?" I asked hesitantly
    Евгеша removed her scarf in a slowly manner and revealed a bite mark on her neck. My eyes widened, I knew where this was going.
    "Could me a favor...Nicole?" She coughed again...
    "Of course, Евгеша" Tears began to water in my eyes.

    "If you see Holly, please tell her...I love her..."
    "I will." I held her hand tighter, she began to cry softly. Her beautiful hazel eyes began turning a disturbing greenish-white color. "I will, Евгеша, I will!
    Memories flooded in my mind one after the other...

    "My name is Евгеша (Evgesha)" she smiled softly at me.
    "I see you have met my sister?" She glanced at me with grace.
    "Are you okay, Nicole?" Евгеша asked with a slight worry in her words.

    "Nicole...please let it end." That was all she had to say to break me. The water from my eyes poured out silently. I raised my pistol to her head, I couldn't believe this...Евгеша was bitten..and I had to be the one to put her to sleep....
    "Thank you...Nicole." She closed her eyes and smiled weakly.
    "Forgive me..."

    I pulled the trigger and the gunshot echoed....
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    У меня тут несколько вопросов:
    1 Кто те люди что привезли Жеку?
    2 Почему зимой зараженные вообще не замерзли о_О?
    3 Почему все забыли про крошку, он олицетворение предательства и коварства, его надо уничтожить.... по крайней мере дважды
    4 Женя прям 100% умерла?
    5 Какие дальнейшие действия Акса?
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    1) кто Жеку?
    2) Infected е имеют температуру тела, как люди, они не чувствуют боли, холода, и т.д
    3) Никто не забыл. Accel не забыл.
    4) ---------------
    5) Мы увидим, что Акса будет делать
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    Спойлерщик уровень - новичок
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    Очередная бессмысленная смерть...
    P.S. Evgesha, R.I.P.
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    In this world, all death is senseless.
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    So you're saying that our ancestors sacrificed their lives and health in vain , fighting for their country. Shame on you!
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    In the end, I will come and all will save! =D
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    In this world = the world of zombies. I am going to say this once, do not come to my thread and place such ignorant comments. You may think it's funny, I do not.
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    Chapter 6: Departure (Part 1)
    The chief commander sat in the center of the round table with his hands clasped together. He sighed softly awaiting the arrival of the second in command, Holly, and the other generals. He stared at the watch on his wrist and counted the minutes until sundown.

    Knock knock

    The large wooden door opened slowly and revealed a face Accel was familiar with. "генерал Bzee, Вы опоздали!" The boss half smiled at his comment. He was not angry with Bzee but he was annoyed that not only him but all the other were late for this meeting.
    "Прости меня, сэр, я тренировался несколько гражданских лиц, Я потерял счет времени." Bzee grabbed his chair and quietly sat down to the left of Accel. Once again, Accel looked at his watch. He was very tired of waiting.
    "Вы хотите пить?
    Accel smirked as he reached for a bottle an unopened bottle of Russian champagne. He pour a bit into his empty coffee mug that read "босс № 1" he press his lips against the glass and tasted the wonderful sweet beverage on his tongue. Bzee also took a sip of the champagne, giving his soul a comfortable rest. Both men drank at least half the bottle but it was enough to give them a relaxing time. 30 minutes later another knocked played on the wooden door and this time it was the second in command, Holly. The young woman still had a couple of bandages on her arms and fingers. She was recovering but she did not let this interfere with her work.
    "Добрый вечер, Холли" Bzee greeted her warmly, although she did not greet him in return. A few minutes passed and she did not speak, this bothered Accel.
    "Холли? ты в порядке?"
    A couple of seconds later she responded "Что? Ах, да .... просто немного устал."
    "Я думаю, что будут отдыхать на мгновение."
    Her usual gentle voice was thick with exhaustion and conflict. Holly rose from her chair that was located to Accel's right side and quietly left the office. Accel watched the door close behind the beautiful woman.
    "Она слишком много работает."
    "Да, я согласен, но..."
    "но то, что?"
    "Она работает сама до изнеможения. Это не нормально." Accel's voice was audibly worried for her health.
    "Как вы думаете ... Евгеша..?
    "Мы найдем ее!" The young commander slammed his fist on the table and swore he would do this.
    I was being pulled by my wrist by Ragen as we ran through the thick forest of decayed and rotten trees. They left a dark and gloomy aura but this did not stop Ragen who didn't dare to look behind her. Along with us, was a man who we just literally met 20 minutes ago. He wore blue jeans, a white t-shirt that was bit stained with blood and dirt, and combat boots. He carried a hunting rifle on his back, a magnum is hand, and a knife in his boot. Although we did not know him, he traveled with us. The infected were catching up to us and daylight was running short. The growls grew larger indicating the horde was growing larger by the second. The mysterious man lead us an open road that was litter with a few bodies and cars.
    "I think we should go to Camp Core-SS, its not far from here" Ragen suggested to the two of us but I instantly disagreed. I didn't want to go back there. Something was happening there and I didn't want to be involved. I looked down the cold road and thought to myself 'Evgesha was involved with that camp and...look what happened...she's gone.' My hands went into fists to the point my knuckles turned white. I desperately held the urge to cry.
    "Why not? It's safe there! DON'T YOU WANNA BE SAFE?!" Her words didn't even make sense to me. But her yelling made sense. She wasn't yelling because she wanted to get it through my skull but because she was terrified. Ragen wanted safety was all. A simplistic idea of protection from this plague of the undead.
    "Then go to the camp, I...I can't go with you." I bluntly stared into her eyes.

    "Why?" She again asked but this time I didn't bother to answer her instead I continued to look into her eyes with determination.
    "And what about you?" Ragen directed her gaze to the man with us. "Come to think about it, we don't even know your name."
    "Does it really matter?" He swiftly stated back and began walking his own way.
    I waved Ragen goodbye and went my own path as well. Ragen stood there with the sun disappearing behind the land with her M16 assault rifle in hand and a face of awe.
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    может быть)
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    4ever alone
    I am always left behind T^T
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    You meant to say Russian vodka?