153Tk On Purpose Or Not ?

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    Hello everyone. Sorry i have to type this in English because, google translate is terribly bad working on Russian - English or Russian - Turkish. If someone can translate those sentence in to Russian, i will be grateful.

    1) I love to share my pills with people, heal people or i am trying to help people. But for me, i do not deserve to get silly tk points. In this video, you will see how i got 153 tk points...
    2) The player who named "Olegun" could type !cfs, this is why i am angry. In the video, he is walking in to the fire. Or maybe he didn't see it ?
    3) I know this is a game, and i will keep continue to heal or revive Olegun if he needs, maybe he didn't see the fire, but i just wanted to show you all this video. I never give Tk to people on purpose, and if i make a mistake, if i accidently shoot you, at this time, i do everything to find some "pill" or "med-kit" for that player...

    "In this video, "player" got kicked because of he was non-stop spamming on the mic. People warned him in Russian but he keep continued spamming. So he deserved that... "

    "Another thing is, in my ban vote some guy was saying " no no no" for me. Hey i don't know who you are friend, but thank you very much for trying to protect me."

    [Play YouTube Video]

    4) Few days ago, i watched some "big guy" in this server. Someone sent molotov to somewhere, and this guy waited for 5 seconds then he jumped in that fire. And you know what ? Molotov sender got "banned". I will not share this video... But if you read here buddy, you did a shame believe me...

    5) The last thing about some "disappointment". Blazefyre was on the ground, Boomer was clawing her and i tryed to help her. So i shot the Boomer but my gun had explosive ammo and in 1 shot i got 88 tk (or some point like this). Then my ban vote has been started. People banned me with 8 yes 2 no. The sad thing is, i always helped %85 %90 of these guys in the picture. El Chavo and Blazefyre was writing "No", so thank you to them.

    However, some guy was in the mic and keep yelling "yes yes yes" than he spoke Russian. Who was that person? I have to know...


    Thank you very much for reading this. I apologize i really don't like to open topics on forums but i needed to write those sentences. Have a nice day to all.
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  2. z0mbi

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    It`s be "zolt", he terrible person
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  3. Iris

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    Troll! :D
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  4. z0mbi

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    Yes, and Troll...
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    russian kurwa... Altar75, creating topics won't make a poor nation from a cyka-nation
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  6. Holly

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    It`s TuTaH :D
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  7. Kristinka^^

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    Олеган достал в огонь лезть. научите его !cfs
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  8. Too Sexy For My Love

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    Hi Altar! Glad to see you here, though not on such a joyous occasion.
    While it is possible, I want to tell you in this topic, I am very grateful to you for all your kits, pills, adrenaline and stuff. I'm just very happy that such a man as you always play with us! Of course, I myself often get on TK, but sometimes it happens on any adequate reasons - lag, bouncing ping or even negligence. In any case - thank you very much!
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  9. Iris

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    I'm sure Happy didn't meant to offend you! Maybe he talked bad about russians, cause as I know, he doesn't think much about them.
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    Kristinka^^ and Too Sexy For My Love, thank you very much for your messages. ^^

    Iris oh i apologize, Iris can you please delete my last message ? I thought he insulted me badly. "Happy" I am so sorry about my last message. For me, the translation was like you insulted my seven family haha. :))))

    This is another TK video.
    [Play YouTube Video]

    Also, can you please lock this topic? It seems this will go nowhere. Thank you very much.
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  11. Happy

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    Altar75, -_- I didn't mean anything like that. I just said that I don't like some russians.
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    Hey Happy! Thank you very much for your message. I apologize i misunderstood you. My mistake forgive this kitten please lol. :p :rolleyes:

    Also, Iris, Rubanok you are not in the game now. You wanted to hear what he did on me. Alright i prepared a video for you. The video is ready as i wrote before. Please watch it when you have time, then you will understand my feelings. And everyone please watch it. I am not moving, just shooting directly. Then Kilibok came front of my fire and i gave him 91TK damage. It is why me and him made argument front of you. Anyway i am sorry about swearing words...

    One other thing is, i've bought Russian books but your language is so hard to learn lol. Great language but it will take time for me to write in Russian language. I am so sorry for writing problems in english.

    Here is the video...

    [Play YouTube Video]
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  13. Iris

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    He appeared behind you suddenly and with no color so I think he joined the game from afk that very second you started shooting. So it looks more like an accident to me. Sometimes bots are "born" near (or even in) players and they have tk cause of it.
  14. Altar75

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    Hey Iris thank you very much for your answer. If you say so, its okey i trust you. :)

    On the other hand, last night for my ban vote 9 people voted "no", 7 people voted "yes". For those 7 people who said "yes", i will show you the video and you will understand that how people are giving TK on purpose.

    1) Players are:
    Leon ☭
    Postal Hax
    (3 players)
    2) 80 Tk
    3) Я предупредил их.
    4) Nami(Ann) isn't even trying to type !cfs.
    5) Это смущающий.

    Before type 1 and choose "yes", remember those videos and help innocent players, not ban them have a nice day...
    [Play YouTube Video]
  15. skullscar

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    shit happens. if we started to be mad about every single tk and ban people, then server woud be empty.
    most of the new players have no idea they can damage or be damaged by everyone else and that generates lots of tk; walking in fire, shooting gas cans, shooting special zombie when 5 other people are smacking it with melee and stuff like that. just spectate someone new if you die and you will notice they cant even use kick on right mouse button to shake off 2 zombies (i watched that today and player died because he coudnt hit them in the head with his pistol). today we had new player shooting grenade launcher and killing people because he simply didnt know he can damage everyone else. they just dont know about these things and ofc tk happens.
    and sometimes you get tk because of server lag. you fire on zombies and suddenly someone just appears in front of you and takes the bullet. its just very annoying to loose tk when its not your fault.
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  16. Altar75

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    You watched that video and you still say "shit happens" ?
    How can you say that ? This is not an accident, they are going to stairs and they are directly going in to molotov flames ?

    These videos are about how people are giving TK ON PURPOSE. They are not accidents, mistakes.
    I am not showing every TK don't worry. In a day people are doing million Tk on me, but i show videos about what is the most "terrible" , non-mistake tks...

    I hope you understand that. :) Peace... :rolleyes:
  17. skullscar

    skullscar Новичок

    yes, shit happens all the time. it looks like you dont understand how people think. they see a better weapon inside the fire and they try to go in to take it because they believe fire wont hurt them much. the last thing they consider is the fact you will get tk. they miscalculate the damage and they get hurt to much, drop to the ground and give you even more tk while they are stuck in the fire, unable to move. this is what you fail to understand.
    and do you really believe people just play on this server to give you tk? sorry but you are not that important haha

    but it was nice to see that "motherfucker". very mature.

    edit: oh and to add something, i was dropped on the ground and killed several times today by players. once i even got hit for 110 tk, dude just fired on me for no reason and no zombies were around me (i think it was olegun). people shoot at anything that moves without looking, they throw pipe bombs next to groups of players in rooms, shoot gas cans without understanding how far the flames will spread or they just throw boomer bile on players with good guns; all in the hope they woud die so they can pick up the weapon from them. worst thing a player can do is just walk away or around you when you are down on the ground and they refuse to help you. all because they want your nice gun. this happens several times each day.
    im playing with quinnie and ulysiss, they also have people doing this shit to them. not to mention how many players can see us shooting at zombies, crouched down and not moving. and they simply walk in front of us and get hit, giving tk.

    you dont see us crying about every tk and posting a video here.....
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  18. Altar75

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    I spent 2 days and finally completed video.
    Especially Chapter III will stop your mental-illness.

    Chapter III: Player is trying to kill me, at this moment you are making fun of me skullscar...

    These videos are not about myself, they are about how "innocent people are getting ban because of silly tks".

    Of course you can't understand that, low IQ problems i see...

    Actually you don't mean anything for me, but i wanted to make this last video because, at the future i am sure brainless people like you will find me, and i will show them to these videos as a lesson...
    You talk so empty, you don't know what you are talking about and giving empty examples...
    But you should remember that you are nothing.

    Watch the whole video, be silent and get lost...
    This is the last video of me. I am tired of to talk to sick people like you.
    Know your limits, get lost...

    "And don't annoy me in-game ever again. Play your game, do whatever you want, just do not make harassment on me..."

    [Play YouTube Video]
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  19. skullscar

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    i feel honored to be main subject in someones videos but since this is you... ah well....
    1. i woud answer you sooner but my pc was undergoing some new hardware changes in the last few days and i had no access to it
    2. damn boy, you still believe you are the only innocent player here that gets tk? ofc these videos are about you, not some random players cause you dont give a shit about them.
    3. if i dont mean anything to you, why insult me in your post and why did you make this nice video to honor my existence? you are weird....
    4. so im harassing you? and what are you doing here with your cry-cry posts about people giving poor, innocent you all these bad, bad tk points? cry me a river pls
    ok, cant wait to see you in-game. you have no idea what the word "harassment" means but i will show you all the love i have for you next time we meet in-game :)

    5. well about that m60 incident.. yeah, i wasnt going in front of you. but then again, server had lag spikes and who knows, maybe i really did jump out in front of you but it didnt look like that on my screen. who knows. but i am glad it happened haha.
    bad, evil me....
    6. after watching this video i feel stupid. i mean, i believed i had issues with tk and players taking bullets instead of zombies but after watching how you play... O M G. its like you hit every single thing you can. maybe you shoud work a bit on your aim and stop blaming everyone else. and relax, molotovs aint the only throwable item in the game. try not to use so many if you keep receiving bunch of tk every time you throw one. have you ever thought of that?
    7. someone tried to kill you.. join the club. every few days some random kid joins and starts bullet spray on everyone. we even had a player who killed 6 people in less then 3 min before i got pissed and started to yell at everyone to ban him. and weird thing was we couldnt even see his tk, like something was bugged.
    like i said, you aint the 1st or last player that got selected and killed by someone. you are taking this to personal. thats your problem. relax and play. if you cant stop thinking about people and tk then maybe you shoud find some other game to play, something a bit more peaceful. maybe tetris?
    8. just for the record, where is the part when you gave ulysiss (my friend) tk? it was around the time this guy decided to make you his target practice bitch. when someone gives you tk, its the end of the world. but when you give them to someone else YOU CANT EVEN SAY SORRY and yet you demand it from everyone else. so stop making a fool out of yourself with these posts and just go away. please

    but if you do decide to make another video with me as the main actor, my lawyer will contact you. i mean, you are using my name in a video, without my permission and im not getting money for it :D shame on you
  20. Cpt_Obviuos

    Cpt_Obviuos Новичок

    Я не думаю, те из нас, кто играет чуть ли не ежедневно намеренно пытается убить нас , но я могу и ошибаться . Люди пытаются убить нас каждый день , теперь, когда я думаю об этом ...o_O
    В любом случае , для кого-то просто нагло косить людей , за исключением , становится трудно для кого-то винить ТЗ. Иногда вы сделать плохой снимок ; Иногда люди ходят в Молотова ; еще другие времена - и те, которые меня раздражают - люди видят вы стрелять и двигаться прямо в линию огня . Мол, серьезно. Это заставляет меня задаться вопросом, как эти люди жили так долго, как они, чтобы быть честным !
    Моя точка зрения , мы все совершаем ошибки . Да , вы тоже . Если мы были сурово наказаны , когда мы переехали ... Ну , ладно,мир , вероятно, будет довольно удивительным , но это нереально ( по некоторым причинам) .
    Прежде всего , хотя: это простоигра . Если кто-то имеет проблемы с воспроизведением с другими, он или она , вероятно, мудак и ниже вас, который является, где придурки принадлежат . :cool: