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  1. I Am Legend

    I Am Legend Новичок

    I feel sorry for that player who got BAN for 3 months i have seen this with my eyes also i never speak here much but. If he / she ONLY BELLE BOMB to Only you Few Players? Pls be Nice With New Players dont Disrespect them pls with your Tricks which they are not aware of. But its Accel decagon I Dont want to speak Much. BTW i just read this post so wanted to share it thats all .. Its late but i am agaist it

    I the end I DID ask them not to do it i got a reply from these players who pay are you a Staff or Admin? .. So being nice to them i get this reply
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  2. IDLE

    IDLE Пользователь Участник

    I agree with you, i am good with new players and never got vomit from them, although maybe i was just lucky and I didn't get into vomit :D
    Maybe céleste (judging by the video and Aftext too) did something disrespectful to him and he was offended if he so often vomits to céleste, but that's just my guess
  3. LessThanAndrew

    LessThanAndrew Активный пользователь Участник

    If he didn't do this to you personally doesn't mean he's innocent. He also did this to Speederclaw (check screenshots) and a bunch of other players. Both Aftext and Speedeclaw are respectful and helpful players. He also was doing it on the ENG server and got banned there too. So I'm not really sure why u guys are defending this troll now
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  4. IDLE

    IDLE Пользователь Участник

    Я его не защищаю, я там выше писал типа возмооооожно ты ему сделал что-то плохое, типа того, и он начал шмалять блевотами. Ну а раз он не только в тебя и Афтекста кидал, тогда понимаю
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  5. Prosecutor

    Prosecutor Администратор сервера Coop Модератор

    Пусть отдохнёт, я его банил, Дмитрий (босс) его банил два раза, человек не понимает,а наоборот, как маленький ребенок продолжает шкодничать>:(.
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  6. ZoOom

    ZoOom Постоянный пользователь Участник

    Я его три раза банил, Артур (рабыня) :D:D:D
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  7. I Am Legend

    I Am Legend Новичок

    First thankx for good and ide for liking my comment. I never said anyone is inocent i said "i am sorry for that poor guy and feel sorry for him". Anyhow You should Play on Any CORE server as a Unknown player without VIP and Color. Lets say atlest last 20K for the first Blue Colour you will see the same players how they behave with you. I have DONE it and i am still doing it. I still love the server gameplay thats the reason which brings me back from ages and players simple making points i am not here to point anyone who is wrong and right its our own server where we all are playing together :)
  8. sugoi

    sugoi Активный пользователь Участник

    He biles people on random he used to play on eng core more I think , have seen him a thousand times do it .
    Just straight up for no reason , same for Molotov .
  9. Seda

    Seda Администратор сервера Coop/Versus Участник

    Да, в тебя не кидают новые, потому что они понимают, что со старыми им не стоит тягаться)
    Ты у нас мальчик для битья у старичков. :D

    А так, по существу, не все поймут и изменят свою игру, если им это пару раз объяснить.
    Человека забанили на три дня, а он вернулся и продолжил свои нарушения. Разве может что-то объяснить , что такие действия запрещены, лучше, чем бан?

    Legend, I feel more sorry for those, who constantly received vomit can from him and died. So, For what? Just for make this guy fun.)
  10. I Am Legend

    I Am Legend Новичок

    [QUOTE = "Seda, post: 20710, member: 1053"]
    Legend, I feel more sorry for those, who constantly received vomit can from him and died. So, For what? Just for make this guy fun.)[/QUOTE]

    Seda i Agree with you Vomit is a very Harsh throw on anyone. This happen to me Many Many time Most recently I dont want to Name them but are having good ranks but only in Last 2 weeks time i got 3 Vomits During TANK and from those 3 Vomits 2 were from the SAME Player. Why ? Coz talk about to Attack him and he have no Chance and he use that Voimit on me sadly i was in the last so tank killed me i die many many times. It dose not happen by the New Players but this happen from the good ranking people dont even bother to say SORRY also lol As i said Play on the sever without Ranks with different Names you will come to know how it is :). I am not defending anyone but i still love to play on this sever No matter what i will be playing here lol I am hard to escape from it :)
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  11. iOFl

    iOFl Администратор сервера Coop Участник

    Have no worries about baning of this guy (thekeaner97), saw him lots of time.
    Destructive playing, has a biling fetish, never apologizes.
    He is not innocent newbie, he just plays like a jar of peas.
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