Hello good morning ,a player from the coress-18 server has been using cheats

Discussion in 'Main' started by Satan Klaus, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Satan Klaus

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    The player called Scream has been using traps to achieve to max. number one of the top10 players have complained about this situation and the reason for this I need a permanent ban of the player scream

    Another problem with this player is that it insults and attacks to the players the server, since it cannot be kicking of the server by the to max. number one that has begged him a permanent proibicion

    Scream from [​IMG] Peru
    Steam Community: 76561201033619854

    I would welcome your response

    My name is Satan Klaus
  2. Accelerator

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    what exactly does it do?
  3. Satan Klaus

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    [Play YouTube Video]
    Here the video of what it does on the server to get more points for killing heads,and being able to have the rank number 1
    Most players know that this player uses Chetas
  4. Satan Klaus

    Satan Klaus Новичок Участник

    Also insults several players in the English language and Spanish.administrator i speak spanish and a little english
    I ask you to prohibit forever