I was banned but I have no reason

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    First, if reply can use chinese(中文) or Japanese(日本語), that will be great.
    I was born in Taiwan and live in Japan now.
    my English is poor but I still want to tell everybody what happened.
    I was banned at 2016/12/14 1:00 A.M. (UTC +09:00)
    Game ID: Sattelizer
    Today I kill a noob whos name is Fiction and that noob banned me.
    he was not using vote, he was using his adm permissions.
    why I will kill this noob?
    because everybody stay on the boat wait to pass the map and he just want to farming points without come to the boat.

    this is your server rules

    Intentionally shooting on their own. Strictly forbidden to kill players in order to get their weapons. Do not use a bank for the purpose of vomit to drain the player.
    I kill that noob because everybody wait to pass that map not for getting his weapon.

    It is prohibited to harm the gameplay (do not delay command to delay perespavn players, including trigger delay (call the elevator, boats, etc.) If you have somewhere to run and the command can not start because of you -. You can be punished without prevention). It is not advisable to break the team play, listen to the opinions of other players. It is forbidden to constant rush and quick passage of card playing only for himself.
    This is a team-play-game right? than should not just for personal gain and farm points right? also not only me waiting on the boat so I am not want to quick passing.

    It is forbidden to insult the players and server administration.
    That noob say I am "noob Japanese". is this not insult?

    I always say sorry if I tk my teammate in accident, that is why I am in rank 270 now.
    If I love to killing teammate why I am at rank 270?
    seriouslly, this noob should not be your adm.
    Left 4 Dead 2 is a team-play-game not a farming game okay?
    If he love to farm why just open a server and farm all day?

    In the end, hey~ Fiction can you see this post?
    is you can,than I just want to tell you, Fuck you,go kill yourself please.
    this game is for team play and pass the mission,not for you to farming ok?
    you wasted everybody's time just becasue you want to get more points? fuck you.
    you are adm so what?
    adm can say others is a noob Japanese?
    adm can wasted others time and break server rules just because his personal gain?
    you say you will let me see what will adm do and ban me, right?
    than I will let you know what will normal player do after been banned by a noob adm.
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    It's your teamkill:
    2016-12-13 18:32:23 Team Kill I killed teammate Fiction with shotgun_spas. CORE-SS Coop-24 ( c10m5_houseboat
    2016-12-13 17:20:58 Team Kill I killed teammate Haşımov.! with sniper_awp. CORE-SS Coop-24 ( c9m2_lots
    2016-12-13 17:20:36 Team Kill I killed teammate KyLLeHkO with sniper_awp. CORE-SS Coop-24 ( c9m2_lots
    2016-12-13 17:11:36 Team Kill I killed teammate SupermenCJ with shotgun_spas. CORE-SS Coop-24 ( c9m2_lots
    2016-12-13 17:03:03 Team Kill I killed teammate кРассвету with sniper_awp. CORE-SS Coop-24 ( c9m2_lots
    2016-12-13 16:56:07 Team Kill I killed teammate KyLLeHkO with sniper_awp. CORE-SS Coop-24 ( c9m2_lots