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    Sadly, can't realy talk in rus so can't post it in L4D2 Coop forum, if something will be hard to understand then can ask bf to translate it to rus.

    So the things that want to suggest are:

    1) Spitters spit is not an infection, that's acid, it should hurt both sides like tank rocks kill other zombies that acid should damage other zombies aswell, spitters are already overpowered and don't need realy that extra 30 damage from random common zombies kicking that survivor and perhaps... spitter would save that survivor by burning hunter faster xaxa.

    2) New box, there is angry box spawning an army of special infected, can we have boomer box?, yes know there is already vomit box but boomer box would work like angry box, spawning an army of boomers that would go in, vomit the hell out of their belly and then attack, which would be more devastating than vomit box if survivors are not prepared.

    3) Immunity, since that's sometimes happening and in expert (most of the time server runs expert) it can be devastating, ppl run, there's so many ppl running arround and shooting anything other than 1 huge damage bullet like awp or scout brings risk of hitting that guy who decided that's a fine time to run in front, that's undeserved TK like some molotovs but can survivors have like 0,5 or 1 second immunity to friendly fire when getting hit by someone so only ppl who realy shoot someones ass on purpose will get TK.

    4) Musket, would it be possible to add a new weapon to server or only l4d/cs weapons allowed?, would be nice if it can be added, stats would be like 1/30 magazine, reload 3 or 4 seconds, it would be powerful almost as much as awp but would have only 1 bullet per mag and reload long and accuracy without laser would be like when running with g3 that have laser. Also can't make any code or textures, never did it before, atleast not with source code so that's just purely an idea that can't help with.
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    5) Can saving gas and bottle give points aswell?

    6) Achivment for vomiting someone? some ppl realy love vomiting everyone in safe rooms and elevators so they could get that achivment...

    7) Can points be used for anything more usefull than colors and ProRank that seems even more useless bcs it let's us gain... more points, that's it. Just there is a huge gap between f2p point farmer that gets black after 1-2 years and VIP that seems to be p2w with all those free weapons and copter. Anything points can do usefull please?
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    8 ) Gnome/Cola not pickable after 3-5 seconds of being droped, so thieves won't be able to do their job with giving pills.

    9) TK for vomiting someone, the rule is to not drain ppl to get their weapons, or just kill them or for fun, let's be honest, ppl doesn't care about rules... make it instant punishment like with shooting someone, 5-10 TK per vomited person and all that elevator/safe room vomit party will end.

    10) Healing gun or Regeneration gun, realy, there are so many ppl, medkits are very rare, everyone run away from ppl opening boxes so if someone ever open healbox, usualy only 1 person is healed and everyone run white with pills/adrenaline. Being personaly a rather supportive player so running with this + meele/magnum would suit our playstyle, don't know if it would fit the gameplay... but well, a tiny medkit can cure many tank punches into face so why not this?
    Stats... well, don't know, let's say it would shoot syringes or... pills hah, but not as items but as bullets, each would heal like 5 health per bullet and it would have 100 bullets (1 bullet per second firerate to avoid exploits), it would be charged with boxes like grenade and m60, ppl would open for that person boxes to heal them back with gun.

    11) Miniguns, some maps contains statinary big miniguns of high fire power, capable of banning someone in 1-2 seconds, usualy new players go for them since, others know that using them brings more pain than profit, can they be set that they don't do TK?, otherwise they are realy useless with all that bullet spread and amount of TK they do.

    12) Tanks healthbar, tank is running, ppl escape, someone fist that tank, it dies... once killed tank with 1 bullet from pistol... can be there a healthbar for each existing tank so players know if to give up or keep fighting.

    13) Having healthkit allows resist 1 death strike when black and white/smasher tank, having pills allows to stand up, both would heal only half of amount they usualy do when it happens (50 hp for kit/ 37 hp for pills), can it be possible?

    14) Helping someone while using explosive bullets, that's rly... not worth at the moment since explosive awp will do even to 100 TK with just 1 explosive bullet when killing that boomer killing an ally, ally is saved but we, players will pay -100 points for saving that player and get back only 1 for picking up. Make that knocked down players resists explosive damage?

    15) Picking up ppl gives only 1 point, some ppl doesn't even consider picking ppl up and go straight for infected kills/drops, make it 2 points normaly and 3 when safe room is open? Also medkit and that ressurecting thing, when using healthkit only 4 points, yes, that's farmable at the beggining of campaign but later kits are rare and saving someone from black and white to full fighting capability should be rewarded, same with ressurecting someone, bringing someone back to life only gives 3 points, that's less than kit, it should be MORE than kit since they are even rarer than medkits, usualy droping only from medbox, very very rarely from infected and just allows someone be back to fun with new life.
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    Dear NightyMoon, thanks for your allocution.
    Your request is already in process.
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    Hi! I have some information about proposition #12
    Not so long ago tank's health level was available for viewing using the command "!info" in chat (or "sm_info" in console) but many players were abusing this feature: they started making damage to tank only when he had low hp left aiming to get points for killing tank.
    Afaik there was an open voting and forum members decided that it is not honest and that the best solution would be to close access to the current tank's hp level.
    So now we can only view full hp level of spawned tank using the commands written above.
    Train your flair and game' feeling :D^^
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    Well, it could be easly fixed by giving points by the % of damage done to tank. Also to suggestion list would add:

    16) Flare gun, slightly weaker than magnum but lits enemies on fire, secondary weapon.

    17) 100 TK for unsuccessful votekick, we mean... they usualy are successful bcs they are usualy for a reason but sometimes ppl use them against newbies or just in anger so.

    18 ) (That's just a silly suggestion, doesn't realy affect gameplay) during new year, in gifts was sometimes radio, that radio could be pushed at other players dealing 10 dmg and also was playing music, can special infected drop again radio?
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    1) No, it's a hard server and play on it will not be simplified
    2) Boomers get stuck in some places on the map and do not attack.
    3) We thought about it, but alas, these ideas have not yet realizable.
    4) It's impossible to make in the game.
    5) Gnome and cola bottles give points, if you have brought them to the saferoom.
    6) No, it is unnecessary.
    7) No. Points are only required to obtain a higher rank and no more. This principle is all players happy with for many years.
    8 ) It is quite difficult to do and not really need.
    9) No. Vomit nobody forbids throwing. This is to some extent part of the gameplay.
    10, 11, 13) Any suggestions for simplification of the gameplay will not be accepted. This will simplify the game too much.
    14) If you can not shoot with explosive ammo, then they you do not need :p
    15) There will always be a player who can help. Sense in increasing the number of points I can not see.
    16) It is not absolutely necessary in the game.
    17) Newbies are protected by kick for a while. The rest of the players are protected from damage from newbies for a while.
    18 ) No.
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    Yeah, it seems it was a waste of time, but let us ask/answer to this:

    1, 10, 11, 13) Didn't want it to be simplier, the server is hard and would like to be harder or have more random events, vanila game is super easy even in expert, if think it would make things easier, perhaps make game harder while adding new stuff for balance, realy didn't want things to become easier, just wanted a new breath.
    2) Make them fall from the sky insteed, like barrels? Maybe then they would not get stuck, try this one, realy boomers are a fun infected and more types of boxes would make them more interesting to open.
    3) Oh, well, try to somehow making it work, there's many situations when ppl just share between each other cries on chat that someone shoot someone for 10-100 TK because someone just ran past, as non-ProRank and non-vip, shooting someone with even 1-2 bullets from ak will drain abnormal amount of points and would rather take that as damage to self than lossing those 20-50 points, even killing a tank is worth less than accidentaly shooting someones ass.
    4) Why? That's bcs of new entiti requiring to have addons?, maybe some script/code changing how g3 looks like and how behaves and add it as new, have no idea if that's even possible tho, maybe when joining server, a download would start like with CS or TF2 modded servers.
    5) Yes, they do, just wanted to ask for more things to be possible to save, even if it would be worth 1 point.
    6) Ok
    7) Ever did vote about this or just assuming because of amount of ppl buying vips? Not that being against donations, servers have to work somehow but 8€/month and getting free weps while f2p can't ever reach black (which anyway is useless, that's just color).
    8 ) Well, okay, just asked about this because some players are jerks and steal gnome/cola this way.
    9) Many newbies throw vomit at everyone, they just see horde and throw vomit in random direction most of the time hitting players, if will want to lure tank away from team then will vomit self and getting vomited while running with laser ak and higher tier weapon inside a horde + tank arround isn't very fun and realy, rules nor even other players can't do anything other than screaming on chat that someone threw on them vomit. About vomit parties, they are usualy harmless, good players just throw vomit while zombies can't reach anyone but..., tell us, don't want to make it TK because having funw ith vomiting others in elevators aswell right?
    14) That's not that can't shoot with explosive ammo, just if have explosive ammo and teammate is not pinned by zombie but insteed is scratching them, can't realy help them other than looking as they die unless being close enough to punch away that special infected.
    15) That's true, personaly giving supplies away and picking ppl unless having a good weapon that don't want to lose but still compared to killing infected, helping is not much profitable, would need to pick 640.000 times to get black.
    16) The same can be said with any weapon, why there are CS weapons if we could just run with L4D weapons only and g3/hunting rifle as best, just trying to suggest a bigger choice in weaponry.
    17) Don't know how long lasts that while, that's very short time but with shooting others yeah, saw ppl sometimes try to kill someone and they die insteed from reflected damage, good system, tho the protection ends very quickly, maybe change it that untill they get +1000 points they are protected, this way, they won't hurt anyone, they won't get thousands of TK so they have time to learn how to play together etc. Tho votekick immunity should stay like is, just make it a little longer, newbs are kicked bcs of TK in like 1-3 campaigns.
    18 ) Ok, can atleast ask why and perhaps know if there will be ever anything silly droping from infected?
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    19) Leveling up system for each weapon, killing special infected with weapon gives exp. So for lvl 1 need 100 kills with that weapon, for lvl 2 need 300 kills... etc up to 10 lvls. Each lvl would give 1% more damage, so if someone is running magnum often and kills smokers (like we) then we could get easly 1-2% for magnum. Just another loyalty system so ppl killing much and staying on server gets rewarded.