Double Troubles

Discussion in 'Main' started by Neptune, Jan 27, 2017.

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    Hello there, I found two more bugs(VS 20) in one day, and 1 of them is REAL threat

    Bug # 1. Dead Center map 4, during rescue process, there are 1 player join as infected and then he was slayed by Charger glitch. Suddenly 1 survivor teleport to the Safe room and stuck there because event already started. After that survivor die I think it should be fine but this is a thing. Survivor fills ALL the gas can but we CANNOT escape. Survivor all die after 5th Tank.

    Bug # 2. Blood Harvest map 1, after all survivor get in to the Safe room, we close the door but the map won't finish, survivor already checked that all of them are inside. When we decide to go out and let infected kill us, suddenly the Safe room door BROKE!, and NO ONE can get out. This make all players(including me) disconnect from the game.

    P.S. I have screenshot for both bugs just in case. This server has been improving a lot, so I really appreciate it
    Thank you
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    It's bugs the game. At the moment, unfortunately, no solution options.