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    hello I'm long time member at your server.I've got couple issues with random players that join to the server and I had enough of it.since most of the time I'm playing non-admin/supervip that can vote kick the player.
    I take action onto my hands and tk the random player and try kill him before he keep continuing with his behavior ,I know this is against the rules.
    Random players=closed doors on other players in safe house
    Random players=tk'ed on purpose!after explaining them,they should be careful with where they shooting at!
    random players=stealing weapons from other players after typing !drop on purpose drop to the other player!
    I've got banned tk after typing !drop to a friend and some random newbie took that weapon I've tk'ed him so he will understand it's not his weapon,he didn't drop the weapon,I've tried to kill him and got auto ban.
    I think there should be rule that if there is a purpose weapon "!drop" you don't steal it.
    it can trigger a lot of players when it does happen,I'm good player and I never tk on purpose for fun,but those things are pain in the ass.
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    Hi bro
    Stealing weapons is not prohibited on this server (even though it is not approved by most people).
    If you want to give your weapon to exact player make sure that he/she is fast enough to take it :) Or find a safer place to perform transfer.
    Closing doors, not letting players come in, is not recommended. Usually such players are teleported away from the doors or slapped/slayed if moderator sees it. If it happens too often such player can get short ban.
    In ideal world you shouldnt tk anyone on purpose. If you consider that specific player breaks the rules just record demo and place it on this forum (in console "record name_here"). Administration will react.
    >>I'm playing non-admin/supervip that can vote kick the player.
    There are certain conditions to be able to votekick but i dont remember them, maybe Accelerator will publish this information.
    >>I'm good player and I never tk on purpose for fun,but those things are pain in the ass
    Train endurance and do not get angry. Too strict moderation will result ban of half of the server's players and will lead to fall of server ranking overall.

    Also all ban timings you can find here:
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    ok mate,thanks for the explanation,the problem I can't tell when someone going to behavior badly,therefore I can't decide when to record or not,and that's the problem,maybe it will be possible to add more info for moderators/admins about "spamming door closing" "spamming tk-players" it will be very helpful.
    again thanks for the great answer brother.

    can you link me to "bantime" if there's such an info for how long you get banned
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    Current position about "spamming door closing": it is not recommended and in some situations may refer to the rule #2 harming the gameplay. The penalty for this violation is at the discretion of the moderator.

    Bantime info
    If auto voteban tk succeed: 5 hours
    If autoban tk limit reached player will be automatically banned for 10 hours
    Autoban period of malignant teamkillers (who has -1000 point and lower) extends to 72 hours
    Your personal voteban and autoban tk threshold limits depend on you current rank.
    You can find out them by using command !rank (/rank) in game chat or sm_rank in console.

    On ban page pay attention to columns Причина (Reason) and Админ (Admin).
    If auto voteban or autoban happen these field are filled autamatically by "Voteban: Team Killer", "Autoban: Team Killer", "Banned by server". Also "Banned by server" is shown when record was made in root game console by main administrator (Accelerator).

    If one day you do not agree with the punishment of the moderator, you can challenge his decision on this forum, providing evidence of your innocence or eyewitness accounts. But first, it's better to try to discuss the matter with the moderator who made the punishment. Maybe there just was a misunderstanding.
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    I wrote wrong command.
    Correct is
    in chat: !tk or /tk
    in console: sm_tk
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    thank you so much for the game support brother,and this whole information :) !!!!!!!!