Suggesting new maps!! Предлагаем новые карты!

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    Hello admins/moderators and the member I wanted to suggest to add more maps to the server,a lot of players support it,and agree that it would be cool like "city17" and others,the campaign keeps rolling and rolling again and it would be great to play new maps from time to time :) please think about it if it's possible thank you!
    couple maps I thought about
    1 :
    2 :
    3 :
    4 :

    hope you will consider it I'm sure the players will be happy to experience and enjoy new maps ! ty.
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    I think we had all this idea on the CORE SS CUSTOME server which is not no more and we tried to run all the addon maps.

    Due to the limitations of the sever space it is not possible to upload all the maps what everyone will suggest so i think this idea is already was in the list but the lack of the players we had to shut it down

    [Play YouTube Video]

    Have FUn dear

    I will would love to invest again if i get more likes and responce and you coolect more players who wanted to play the custome maps in the very same MOD and plugins made by Accelator and i have already talk about this and i think this is not worth it but again i can still give it a thought to invest into it if you people want to play on it and stay as Radio Active

    I Am Legend
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    it was exist a custom server, actually is offline and i will start a topic here , keep eye it
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