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    well for those who knows me I never tk on purpose/always help other teammates and support when needed.
    as accelerator made the new update seems like still many players didn't figure out that it's not possible to kill the green guy with melee weapon or it's possible but after 100-150 melee hits.
    I had chainsaw and as it said on the description of accel update,it's the fastest way and the way you can earn points from killing it,now since not many players on the server knows it,it caused a lot of problems with the tk thing and I'll have mine first,had chainsaw went to the green guy,saw a player hitting him with melee weapon non stop-,he stopped for 2-3 seconds,I caught a corner and hit the green guy with my chainsaw here is the Tk results,the dude decided to come back to keep hitting him while I'm taking it out with the chainsaw.
    after I hit him until 49tk,he insta killed me with m60-machinegun,I would suggest to ban this guy or at least give him a fair warning,I had awp on my hand,and he didn't say anything after he did it,I guess he was upset cause I tk him?right but I'm pretty sure any of us made mistakes,but that's not the way to solve things.
    I want to add that he is very long time player on the server,and I've heard a lot from people and have seen it that he tk other players as well if someone hit him accidently so take it on consideration.

    the second part I wanna talk about that since not many players aware of this update and keep trying to melee the green guy,it caused a lot anger between players,since 1 guy get chainsaw and he want the points and other doesn't let him take it down without causing so much tk,I saw all that in 1 day,and it's really frustrating
    (accelerator if it's possible to remove the ability to tk when someone try take down the green guy with chainsaw it will be greatly appreciated)
    Emil Christensen HeatoN attacked Генерал Какао (33 TK)
    Emil Christensen HeatoN attacked Генерал Какао (37 TK)
    Emil Christensen HeatoN attacked Генерал Какао (41 TK)
    Emil Christensen HeatoN attacked Генерал Какао (45 TK)
    Emil Christensen HeatoN attacked Генерал Какао (49 TK)
    Генерал Какао attacked Emil Christensen HeatoN (21 TK)
    Генерал Какао killed teammate Emil Christensen HeatoN-killing on purpose out of anger isn't the way.
    I guess all of you know what chainsaw does in a single hit

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    I already went after him brother, revenge will be sweet >:(
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    well glad I ain't the only one who experienced it with him :)
    no need revenge brother <3 ;)
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    we will talk with that guy about this incident