Make DONKEY admin!

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Make Donkey admin?

  1. Yes.

    16 vote(s)
  2. Yes.

    5 vote(s)
  1. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

    ƌɷՈĶϵʯ Пользователь Участник

    Hello, I am the player you know as ƌɷՈĶϵʯ! I don't play very good, but I play. Because of this, I think it is time I am made admin. What would happen if I am made admin? I would make sure everyone follows the rules. If people break the rules, I will kick/ban them. I would also make it so the city 17 map is used all day, every day. I would also add the nude character mod. If I could, I'd make it a rule that everyone has to play naked in real life. I do that anyway.

    I am also learning how to speak russian.

    1: Где мой свитер?

    2: Я в туалете.

    3: Лошадь ест яблоки.

    As you can see, I take this very seriously. I will be a good boy.

    Make me admin.
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  2. Seda

    Seda Постоянный пользователь Участник

  3. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

    ƌɷՈĶϵʯ Пользователь Участник

    OK, which one of you assholes voted yes on poll? XD
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  4. cherto_ff_ka

    cherto_ff_ka Пользователь Участник

    good idea hahahhaha:D
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  5. Skelmer

    Skelmer Администратор сервера Coop Участник

    Ноги в руки и вперед :D
  6. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

    ƌɷՈĶϵʯ Пользователь Участник

    "Feet in hand and forward"

    IDK what that means, but I agree!
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  7. SK|Christensen.HeatoN

    SK|Christensen.HeatoN Новичок Участник

    Donkey I see you decided to take actions :) ;)
  8. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

    ƌɷՈĶϵʯ Пользователь Участник

    Well, if accel wont make me admin, then I'll start my own server...with blackjack, hookers and beer! XD
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  9. Skelmer

    Skelmer Администратор сервера Coop Участник

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  10. SpoXe

    SpoXe Пользователь Участник

    Может всем по Админке?:D
  11. R1ZLA®

    R1ZLA® Постоянный пользователь Участник

    all noobs is more no!
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  12. IDLE

    IDLE Активный пользователь Участник

    Prosecutor full noobas
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