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    I created This thread for new players that don't know how to download the map,Hope this information will help!
    City 17-is a custom map that is part of HL series and not part of the original maps of l4d2,therefore you need to add this map through workshop or to download it.
    How to download it? Go to this link
    press Subscribe and make sure you exit the game before you does is,after you done with this step go to the game and "addons" and check if the map was added .

    Second option Go to this link and press download either of the free options,Next step after you finish downloading go here (D:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons) or if you installed it on C drive. and transfer the vpk map file there,and you done!

    Common problems with the map:Sometimes game will freeze or crash,don't panic try re enter the game or untick the addon and tick it again,if you have any other issues Contact me or any other admins that will be glad to help !

    This guide will work with any other addons you want to had to the game,Enjoy
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    bruh if i got awp and knife and the game crashes i'm calling it a day, maybe even a week.

    All jokes aside, thanks for the guide :D
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    I feel you :) anyway it shouldn't happen during gameplay :D unless your internet gone wrong.
    I hope Newbies will see this thread ! :)
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    buena lion rat, esto si es ayudar
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    de nada mi amigo :)
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    buena lion rat jajaja :D