Farming/Fragging Vote!

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Add an Additional Safehouse Timer or A vote that the players will decide if to farm or not

  1. Yes-300Seconds timer Until safehouse door open

    6 vote(s)
  2. Yes-A vote that will decide if to open safehouse door or not (240seconds=4minutes)

    4 vote(s)
  3. No-Stay the way it is

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  1. SK|Christensen.HeatoN

    SK|Christensen.HeatoN Новичок Участник

    So I decided maybe if we all vote and show that we really want the Farming/Fragging time after Safehouse being spammed by newbies,maybe Accel Will take care of it after this whole years ;).
    I know it's been always an issue with newbies opening safehouse door soon as we are getting close to this area,so I know there is an option to add an additional time before the door can be open.
    My suggestion is "Soon as the first player touche the door,a countdown will start like 300seconds=5 minutes"
    and when we ran out of time we get additional 10 seconds to enter the safehouse with alarm warning that the door is going to be open"
    The other option is "A vote that will take place soon as a player touched the door that says (Farm? Yes no)
    The answer will be decided by the players choice depends on the situation and if they can handle farming at this area,and if they decided they want to farm They will have 4 Minutes=240seconds to do so
    I'm pretty sure I ain't the only one who thought about it throughout the time playing in our great coop servers,and think it can improve a lot the game play and our enjoyment :)
  2. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    Made a priority in the choice of keyman of players who spent more than 5 hours on the server. Don't hope for more :p
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  3. SK|Christensen.HeatoN

    SK|Christensen.HeatoN Новичок Участник

    Thanks a lot accel,It will help appreciate the effort :)) :D