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  1. Tsujigiri

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    Hello CORE-SS ENG community! Today we have decided to do a giveaway that includes : 10x vip 30days access for 10 players! All you have to do is the following :

    1 - Be registered on the forum (this forum)
    2 - Follow the steam group (
    3 - Join the official discord server (

    I order to confirm your entry, you MUST send screenshots to confirm to us that you have done all the steps!

    Now once you do send the screenshots make sure to send your the steam id + in-game nickname!

    Please reply in this post with the screenshots and steam ID and in-game nickname!

    This giveaway is hosted by : CHAPPIE and its only available for the ENG server

    Good luck!
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  2. Tsujigiri

    Tsujigiri Новичок

  3. Medic

    Medic Новичок

  4. AiMLeSs•

    AiMLeSs• Новичок

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  5. Kuro Hayakawa

    Kuro Hayakawa Новичок

    In-game name: Kuro Hayakawa
    Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:60649170

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  6. Seb

    Seb Новичок

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  7. `flipsi

    `flipsi Пользователь Участник

    In game info : `flipsi.
    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:219645932

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  8. Ken Tsang

    Ken Tsang Новичок

  9. Tropical Zoey

    Tropical Zoey Новичок

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:212642639
    In Game Name: Tropical Zoey

  10. KickAssEmployee

    KickAssEmployee Новичок

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:50323667
    In-game name: KickAssEmployee

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  11. Eucaly

    Eucaly Новичок

  12. Tropical Zoey

    Tropical Zoey Новичок


    CHAPPIE Новичок

    Winners of 30 days free VIP:
    1. STEAM_1:0:26294708 - medic
    2. STEAM_1:1:203434049 - AiMLeSs
    3. STEAM_1:1:60649170 - Kuro Hayakawa
    4. STEAM_0:1:123929344 - Seb
    5. STEAM_1:0:219645932 - `flipsi.
    6. STEAM_0:1:65342582 - Kcats3
    7. STEAM_1:0:212642639 - Tropical Zoey
    8. STEAM_1:1:50323667 - KickAssEmployee
    9. STEAM_0:0:27715426 - Eucaly
    10.STEAM_1:0:79639463 - ElizaBethy
    11.STEAM_1:0:59409544 - Ogoom
    12.STEAM_1:0:32131650 - SweetNose ♥ S
    13.STEAM_1:0:79696696 - NuurSalvatore

    Giveaway Closed.
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