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    Sorry if my English is bad....

    I'll Stop playing CORE-SS L4D2 for a while. Not because i'm busy, but i really dissapointed with the players that don't know the definition of CO-OP and TEAMWORKS.

    Many players won't share kits to b/w players, even pills. The saddest part is when someone that haven't been incapitated use medkit just to replenish his hp from yellow to green in front of a b/w players who really needs medkit.

    And the "LOOT > TEAMMATES".... yeah, they do it. I was incapitated after defeating a spitter, then my GREEN teammates, i say again : GREEN!!!!!!! (Look how long does he play in CORE-SS servers) just searching for loot from spitter body and ignoring me for 10 seconds (It's long tho..). And then another spitter came and shot her goo into us, my teammates just run away and left me until dead, then he took my scout.

    You think it only happen once? NO. It happen many times!

    Especially when a tank have been killed. They all focused on the loot, not to incapitated teammates that suffering with spitter goo and boomer bile.

    In the future, I want all the players can understand what is the CO-OP means, and why we need teamworks in it.

    That's it for now. Stay safe out there survivors....
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    лол. К сожалению.
    Всем плевать :)
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    Это суровая правда. Смирись