Aimbot cheater report (with demo)

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Is Yunyun cheating in that demo?

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    First of all i don't know if this is the correct forum section to report cheaters but since most forum threads are in russian i made it in the english forums.

    The Suspect: Yunyun --

    The Demo:!lGZwnAoA
    key for demo download: "Ly1AXkeGTWeAA3Tbs57s3ziEfqh2QkbQVIgv6roUSD8"

    To play the demo you need:
    1) Download that file.
    2) Put it in your l4d2 folder (mine is Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2) the last one is the one with all the configs,addons, material, etc folders.
    3) Type "playdemo cheater1" in l4d2 console and replay should start.
    4) Press Shift + F2 to bring up the demo playback controls. This allows to control the replay speed (which is important to see the detail) and go to a certain frame tick to jump across the replay.

    The Situation:
    Match was played on Monday 21 October 2019 around 5:00-6:00 am CEST time on the English Core ss coop 25. After spectating this guy for a couple times i saw something extremely fishy so i just decided to record a demo of what it looked like.

    The Evidence:

    After 2 min 30s until the end of the video is where the EXTREME aim flickering which hits all shots when shooting at bosses is best seen. Never seen anything like that. I don't think it's possible to adjust aim back and forth so fast and hit all shots. That doesn't seem human in any way,

    There are also a couple times where he tries to open an ammo box and some very weird animation cancel happens really fast which i think might be related to some sort of script.

    There is also the fact that he doesn't really seem very skilled outside the super aim for the special infected.
    By the end of the video i use sm_rank yunyun in console to verify it's that player and not some other one.

    As you can notice from his profile he's been top10 for a while , and i think he's been doing it since a long time. Back a few months ago i saw a similar thing like the demo but then i wasn't much familiar with the server, the admins and the gamemode. But now after seen that player while paying more attention to the way he aims and having seen plenty of skilled players over my playtime in the server i can say NO WAY THAT'S LEGIT!
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    Link is good, the hyperlink just doesn't work properly for some reason and page doesn't let me edit it. Just copy paste the link into a browser tab and it will open the download.
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    Thanks for justice!
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    Всем бы таких читеров, которые не попадают :D