noobs who tried to get me banned

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who was wrong? be honest.

  1. me

  2. the other two

  1. serrina

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    messaged Accelerator and Chappie about this conflict, but Accel told me to post on the forum so here I go.

    petals was trying to blame me for "trying to kill" him for awp with tank when I was not. I did not throw bile at him. all i did was just trying to run away from tank. he keeps blaming me for things whenever there is awp involved lol. and when he died later on by witch i had his awp. he saw me with awp when he was dead and suddenly tells elizabethy that he gave awp to her and tells her to get it from me which i dont understand why he would do that, but then i knew he was trying to start some drama :). and everybody know how eliz is. she ALWAYS bothers people who has awp if she can use. so i just continued using it even when she bothered me because it's not hers. like literally how is it her awp when it was lying on the ground next to a dead body? then she tked me and would not help when im down and now these two start arguing with me and trying to blame me and get banned.
    i have screenshots which i sent to both accel and chap. :)
    i also have witnesses, but will not be naming them just in case they do not want to be involved so :)
    idk i hope they get banned or some type of punishment

    but thank you chap for helping and accel for listening!
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    rules server: dont kill players for itmes awp or weapons...!!! too much players not play together...follow you for open box where you and you dead or not help you!later go pick up you awp (weapons down you can pick up is not my or you) i have 3 times ban maybe more...relax play you game have fun!
  3. R1ZLA®

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    and remember awp only for noobs!!!:D
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  4. Robinson

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    mira esa tal petals es una persona atrevida y malcriada. asi que sus palabras no se deben dar importancia... ahora noce que tipo de criterio toma acelerador para elegir a sus administradores que antes de ver fomentar la armonía en las partidas se dedican a ser egoístas y quitar puntos a los demás como locos
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    Well, 3 things here:

    1) The first thing is what exactly happened with the tank, like do you mean you didn't throw bile at petals but it did hit him anyway or just not used biled at all? Also he may have interpretated that you somehow intentionally lured the tank to him and, as sometimes happens, the tank randomly smashed him on the ground and lost the awp?

    2)I personally have to defended Eliza here, i know she isn't perfect player and randomly shoots team cuz random aim and gets frustrated sometimes, but i never noticed her "ALWAYS bother people who has awp if she can use".

    3)When it comes to picking awp from the ground i know some people do get mad if they swapped it by mistake and you take it. Still general "rule" is that "if it touches the ground and you didn't kill a teammate for it" it's yours now. But then again it's kinda hard for me to think Eliza went psyco mode out of nowhere and killed for awp plus trying to get you banned.

    And yea people usually get mad about guns as it's the main source of conflict (mainly due to the abysmal difference between good & bad guns) so it's very possible that you are saying the truth after all, still it wouldn't hurt to know their version of the story or at least show the screenshots in the forum so we can have more detail.
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  6. serrina

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    1) I didn't throw bile at him at all. He claimed that i was trying to get him killed by tank when i was literally jumping back and forth from the fence because the tank kept following me. Plus it was a player tank, they didn't even kill him. He died later by i think witch and the ground was on the floor and i just picked it up.

    2) I dont know if you play when she is mostly on, but I do. Whenever there is a good gun she would bother people for it. I've been her victim of being bothered for good guns more than twice. I even had screenshots of her attacking me after asking for the awp. Also, there are players who know that she would ALWAYS ask for awp, if not awp then other weapons from other players. And some players do give it to her and that's why she continues.

    3. He didnt drop by mistake he was already dead that's why i took it from the ground. After i took it they saw me with awp and then suddenly told eliza that he was going to give it to her just to spark some drama lol.

    I dont really know how to work the forum since i am still new to this plat form and it's not translated into english so it's hard for me to know what buttons to press since I really am just winging it. But i already sent screenshots to chap and accel. I'll try to figure it out here so i can add it as well.

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    Girls Fight !!!! >:(8-):p:D:o^^o_O;):(:)
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