Married...with Children (the Russian version)

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Hahhahahahaha haha?

  1. Да это хахахах

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  2. Donkey, you Amerkanski pig, don't make fun of classic Russian TV!

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    I'm a huge fan of Married...with Children, it's just a classic American TV show XD Anyone that does not agree with that is a damn fool. Now for our Russian friends guys had your very own version called Счастливы вместе (Together and Happy). It ran for SIX (6!!!!) seasons between 2006 - 2013.

    It was the exact same story, the exact same jokes...just with russians speaking russian XD Now I admit, I can't understand Russian at all...but omg this looks BAD!

    [Play YouTube Video]

    [Play YouTube Video]

    Sorry, I could not find any better versions of this :)

    So how many of you guys actually saw this on TV? What did you think? Did you know the American original when you saw this?
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    I watched it when I was a teenager
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    Cool mr. Al
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    Every Russian series / movie looks bad
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