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Discussion in 'Main' started by Despresso, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Despresso

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    Hello, I was banned yesterday by the administrator gusty.87 for no particular reason.

    After getting biled by a teammate, I shot him accidentally with an AWP, downing him. I then went to pick him up. During the animation, he messaged me saying "don't shoot other players." I told him it was obvious, and asked him why he felt the need to tell me so - bear in mind I have > 100 hours on the server. He said "one sec," and went afk for a couple of seconds. He then kicked me for no particular reason. Because of not only being kicked for no reason but also losing the AWP, I returned to the server and asked him why I was kicked. He said for admin disrespect. I said he had a fragile ego if he thought me telling him that what he said was obvious was "disrespect." He then banned me for a month.

    I enjoy playing on this server and I really don't see how the ban was justified - additionally, he had no tags or any indication that he was an admin in the first place - if you're going to have a rule stating that admins must not be "disrespected," at least give people some idea who they are.

    Despite this, I apologise for calling him fragile and hope that we can put this behind us.

  2. Accelerator

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    Your SteamID/Nickname on the server ?
  3. Despresso

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    STEAM_1: 1: 80510394
  4. ~Gusty.87~♌

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    Ok, as i posted in Discord (Admins), this player suddenly TK me. I received 30TK out of nowhere. I asked him to be more careful, and calls me a retard. I kicked him, rejoins and says in chat "Wow, they don't choose moderators based off their egos do they?" then he says "imagine being that fragile". Anyway, i gave him 1 month, to work out his manners. It wasn't the TK or that he called me retard, but being so rude all of sudden, kinda made me angrier than TK. I have send you the screenshots i took Accelerator in Steam Chat.

    Thanks, Gusty
  5. ☆ PheX

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    Well i know Gusty since i started playing. Most relaxed guy ever and he NEVER kicks/bans without a reason.

    Anyway if you were asking for an unban, an apology might have been better than trying to make up a story without any screenshots to make the admin look the bad guy who bans out of nowhere.
  6. Ne Znam

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    Depresso is a good player sometimes knows shot teammate but in overall he's good player,And i agree with Phex Gusty is one of the best admins on the server and he never kick or ban player without a reason