1 Week or Perma Ban Request

Discussion in 'Main' started by KickAssEmployee, Feb 7, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    For those who play on ENG core I'm sure you know about chasg87. Today during a campaign on hard rain he biled me and others during tank once, then he did it again another round. Ogoom called a voteban on him and before it kicked him he proceeded to down everyone in sight including me. I'm requesting that he (or she) either be perma banned or banned for a certain amount of time depending on what Accel thinks. We all know chasg87 has been trolling and harming the gameplay environment in some way for some time now. Accel please look into this, we would appreciate it. Thanks for your time in reading this.

  2. Ogoom

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    На челика постоянно жалуются по поводу байлов\тк и постоянно кикают, я на него внимания не обращал, пока меня собственно не задело. Забайлил перед танком группу, включая меня, потом еще убил кого то. Я то тактически сыбался и выжил, но жалобы на него рили каждую игру.
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    First ban for a month, then forever. Write here later if he continue to interfere with the game.
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    What about Αttáchee he downed teammates many times and get weapon when there is no administrator on the server and when he does, he immediately opens the saferoom door and screw every campaign and it keeps repeating, also and constantly opens boxes when teammates are down and kills them all with (explosion,bomb,barrell or meteor) but it will never help them, it means that it is totally against everyone. I warned him to gusty however he is not always on the server.