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Discussion in 'Main' started by AvEcErDaNcEr, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. AvEcErDaNcEr

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    I played Server ENG mostly, and I discovered this for a long time, so far they only provide with one custom campaign (City 17), but the longer I play, I realized that with only one playable custom campaign, it starts to get boring, so here I suggest to adding another custom campaign.

    Personal suggestion: Yama
    Reason of adding: Yama is a campaign that is highly focused on teamwork, which match the basics of the server - coop

    Here is the Steam link that is for the custom campaign I suggested
  2. Ogoom

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    They already tested and added Urban Flight on russian server, so may be anytime soon we will see it on ENG.
  3. Somebody

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    Although Yama is a good map,very funny and entertaining,it usually has some annoying bugs.