Opening Boxes near team on purpose

Discussion in 'Main' started by sugoi, Mar 29, 2020.

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    A lot of players (I won't name them) have the habit of opening boxes in safe room which is OK with me because all die and round restarts. But if a player open boxes near their teammates as so called 'FUN' to them is not good . It ruins the teamplay and increases the duration of maps .

    So today a guy (HE DOES THIS ALL TIME) joined game during city 17 . He's a good and respectable player with skill but again map city 17 requires teamwork and skill and it must have required 5 rounds for us to clear first level .

    So,after some rounds of trying we ended up doing it . The next round he opens a firebox in a elevator full of people while the elevator wasn't even ON I mean he could have done it outside the elevator as the probability of good boxes is less than 30 percent . It was a firebox ended up killing the whole team . The next try we ended up successfully completing the round IN HIS ABSENCE after 3 or 4 tries . For the next round he was'nt there to fuck the shit out of us so we completed it even with a black tank (Only 2-3 players had good weapons) It did requires us 2 tries as we opened 3 tank boxes in succession XD .

    On the next round he joins again opening boxes near teammates as usual (He does that even if he does'nt require fire/expo ammo with full health ) . We ended up winning the round after 5 unsuccessful tries .

    On the last round he opens a explosion box and instead of going forward in the map where there were no teammates he came back to the place with few players including me and other 2 ending me up on 10 HP
    In my rage and anger of all the rounds my team lost because of him I killed him for good which I think was not fair(He ended up getting defibed with his weapons back) . I got my punishment of ban by other players and I think he needs punishment too (Or just admin can warn him to not do this ).

    Shooting and killing him won't solve the problem , I know these people they try sabotage our game every fucking time .

    Please ask other people if I am lying , I myself had spec him for like ever because I was dead 10 times in 3 rounds .

    Hope you understand ,
    Good day.
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    It is allowed to open boxes anywhere, anytime, with any consequences. This is not a punishment, it is part of the gameplay, but killing teammates, let alone killing for opening a box or opening a safe door, is punishable by ban. Remember this forever!
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    So if I go around opening boxes near stack of people hoping that its a boombox would that be OK with you?
    Just asking because that would be more fun XD
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    That would be ok, boxes are the important part of gameplay here.
    Bombbox or firebox give you time to run away (if you not have very low amount of hp). Also there can be a healbox that will heal that stack of people).
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    It was me, wasn't it? XD
  6. sugoi

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    No donkey it was attache and Sophie