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What do you think, should this be a feature or not?

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  1. ✿ N A V Y ✿

    ✿ N A V Y ✿ Новичок

    Hello all and Accelerator,

    I have some issues with the crawling normal and bonusbox.
    Often players help you while you are in acid, and you cannot crawl and die..
    They don't let you crawl away out of acid and it is annoying honestly.

    Is there a chance to add a new feature or edit the plugin to be able to stop the help?
    In some other server I saw you can crawl, and if someone helps you you can use SPACE and it will stop help.
    This way, you can crawl out of acid and get help in a safe place.

    It would be really helpful and prevent so often from being dead because a player don't let you crawl from acid/fire.

    What do you think?
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  2. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

    ƌɷՈĶϵʯ Пользователь Участник

    ZoOom, shut up.

    Actually, I do agree with this.

    Make me admin, and I do this!