Vomiting Players (Suggestion)

Discussion in 'Main' started by NABI, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. NABI

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    I am sure you already had an encouter with a player who constantly vomits you or the team.
    Or did you vomit someone on accident and you don't even know it unless the player complains?

    I have a suggestion to add more clarity in the chat messages when vomitting or getting vomited.

    You vomit someone
    When you vomit someone, you should see it in the chat, for exmaple here:
    "You vomited Accelerator"
    Then I know it happened and I can say sorry for example, or help the player. Often you use a bile in the front, and don't even notice the vomit.

    You get vomited
    No need to change, you already know in the chat who vomited you.
    "Accelerator vomited you"

    However some players vomit a lot and I think it would be more clear to the team if ALL can see it and take action against the player.

    For example PC vomits Accelerator. Only Accelerator sees the message. PC does it a lot on players.
    It would be interesting to see for all players like this:
    "PC vomited Accelerator"
    "PC vomited NAVY"

    All players see it, and if some player repeat and repeat it, admins can take action.

    What do you think admins?
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  2. `Roxy

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    Messages of this kind will clog the game chat. It is enough to take screenshots and throw them to the administrator. And about the one who vomit all over that YOU - similarly, the blockage of the chat. A person if they are not happy about it will tell you. Too many complexities and again clogging up the chat. It’s my opinion :D
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  3. ZoOom

    ZoOom Администратор сервера Coop Участник

    I fully support this, very good idea, I hope the administration will pay attention to this
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  4. IDLE

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    Не могу понять где ты там увидела засорение чата, вот засорением чата можно назвать сообщение о ТК (а если еще ТК от Молотова мммм), но никак не сообщение о том, кого ты заблювал
  5. `Roxy

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    Ну да, лучше тогда пустимся во все тяжкие и продолжим засорять чат подобного рода сообщениями. А еще будем в чате отображать, за кем гонится ведьма, и кто вызвал тот или иной триггер :D

    Стоит отметить, что я писала это, исходя из своего личного мнения и видения. Так как я заходила на сервера, где все эти вещи прописываются. Скажу одно - громоздко, очень. >_>
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  6. NABI

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    Roxy, you are right this can cause spam in the chat.
    (Not to mention, molotov and other TK also cause spam.)

    But I understand you don't want much spam in the chat, so I have a solution for that aswell.
    Instead of showing each player, it can simply show how many got vomited.

    Vomiting 1 Player
    I will see in my chat: "PC vomited you"
    You will see in your chat: "PC vomited NAVY"

    Vomiting 2+ Player
    When you get vomited, you already see it, but other players could see:
    "PC vomited 2 Players" or "PC vomited 10 Players"
    You understand the idea..

    I am sure Accelerator would know how to implement this code/feature.
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  7. IDLE

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    Ну я не думаю, что если будет показываться кого ты облювал, то это будет засорять чат, тем более это лично тебе показываться будет)
    Стоит отметить, что мне интересно мнение, почему это засоряет чат:)
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  8. AvEcErDaNcEr

    AvEcErDaNcEr Новичок

    I totally agree on this suggestion, I don't know about other admins but if me I usually give 2 chances per person
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  9. NABI

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    Well if all these suggestions are declined, at least let me know when I vomited someone. I often don't see if I vomited someone, so I say nothing, and then hear russian swearing complaints. :p
  10. Somebody

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    I completely agree with this. Maybe this way some players would stop trolling as much and others would stop killing you that way for guns.
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  11. ☆ PheX

    ☆ PheX Новичок Участник

    I agree with this. The text when biling multiple players should just be left at "someone biled 10 players" because if it put everyone individually the spam on elevators would be insane :D
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  12. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    Vomit is not some kind of terrible weapon, otherwise it would be easier to give TK for it. So who threw vomit at you, this is purely background information for you :)
  13. Ogoom

    Ogoom Активный пользователь Участник

    Just give back 50 damage to them or so, yesterday i got incaped by commons twice afterone vomit, that is how annoying it could be.
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  14. NABI

    NABI Пользователь Участник

    Well, I told all my ideas about vomiting above. But I have a question, so is vomiting on purpose now OK or not?
    There are certain cases where a player vomits on purpose while a tank, for you to die and take your items. ^^

    Would be interesting to see it in the chat and take notice of certain players.

    For examlpe I know some other servers use VTK system, similar to TK.
    Or when vomiting too many players, auto-slay or a kick. ^^
  15. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    This is prohibited, but there are many cases of exception (maybe the player was hit by accident, etc.). And so, we have nothing against vomiting.
  16. NABI

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    Understandable. Can we still hope to get a notification when we vomit someone or on accident? Right now, we dont't see who we vomit, so it would be helpful, so we can be sorry in advance. :p

    Idk, for example: You vomited some Player(s)
  17. Somebody

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    Entonces, ¿sería menos spam si fuera en el caso de las puertas de seguridad? Me gusta esto

    " ✿ NAVY ✿ abre la puerta"
    " ✿ NAVY ✿ cierra la puerta"

    Debido a que hay varios jugadores que piensan que es divertido jugar con la puerta de esta manera cuando otros intentan entrar , hasta el punto de que son asesinados por la horda o por algún infectado especial fuera de la casa de seguridad.
  18. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    Unnecessary information spam.
  19. Somebody

    Somebody Постоянный пользователь Участник

    (눈_눈) evil accel
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