TK bug with incendiary ammo?

Discussion in 'Main' started by ☆ PheX, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. ☆ PheX

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    Hi, I've noticed that incendiary ammo sometimes ignores survivors being trapped by specials infected.
    So for example if someone is being choked by a smoker with normal ammo i can shoot through the survivor and it will only hit the smoker, with incendiary sometimes it will hit the survivor and cause TK. Even when a charger is pushing someone in the middle of the charge you can sometimes damage the player or even kill him before the charger does. This seems to happen with most weapons including the grenade launcher. Recently i shot someone who was strangled by a smoker and got -80 points.

    It only happens sometimes with smokers/hunters/chargers i haven't seen it with jockeys.

    This really needs to be looked into because it's very annoying to try to save someone and receive a huge ammount of negative points, kill the player and even votebans. I don't think i'm the only one who has seen this happen.
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  2. NABI

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    Playing in other servers and it seems like a basic mechanic what fire ammo wont passt solids or objects and inflict damage on impact. For example you can AWP wallbang with normal ammo and kill through walls, but fire ammo will impact on contact with the wall, kinda like real ammo behaves. The other explosive ammo can kill through the wall, but same here, the shot impacts the wall and stops, and the kill happens from the small explosion radios which does ignore bounds. For example shoot a roof with explo and kill the smoker above.

    These mechanics were in the game forever I tihnk.
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  3. ☆ PheX

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    I was suspecting it was a game mechanic and not a server thing. However the penetration doesn't explain it because with incendiary on the grenade launcher it still gives TK randomly on pinned survivors. That weapon always has a blast and never penetration. Even through the roof on Swamp Fever campaing finale I can burn SI when I see their shadow with the GL blast. Since the TK doesn't happen with explosive ammo blast on any weapon (or so i've noticed) it's just an incendiary ammo thing.

    If not fixable i just wanted to be sure so i'm a lot more careful when using this ammo.
  4. NABI

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    The GL sometimes does behave odd, for example yesterday I saw iOF was smoked in the distance, so I made a shot at this place. Before my grenade arrived, someone sniped the smoker and iOF was free. After that, my grenade arrived directly hitting iOF and it caused exactly no TK.

    Also the GL is the only weapon which uses a physical projectile, all other weapons use a bullet render or so.
    General advice is to be carefully. :p
  5. Accelerator

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    This is a feature of the game :D
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  6. sugoi

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    Ha I was looking for this thread and it happened to me to today I killed a guy twice