Plague Infected - Suggestion/Ideas

Discussion in 'Main' started by NABI, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. NABI

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    We all know our favorite box; the plaguebox. A plague cloud following the player while dealing damage.
    I was thinking it would be an interesting idea to have this effect on random special infected or even a tank.

    For example a Plague Charger has this cloud following him all the time, and players nearby will get damage.
    The same could work for other special infected or even a tank.

    Another idea would be a Fire Charger (I saw that somewhere).
    When he dies on his charge, he releases fire, similar to the fire tank.

    What do you think Accel? When will get get some new features? ^^
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  2. iOFl

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    I like this idea ^^
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  3. Somebody

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    a lucky box:(
  4. Accelerator

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    It doesn't make much sense. The bosses will be killed by players or they just run away from the players and they do good damage if they run among the players :)
  5. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

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    Fuck no, the normal charger already kills me enough.

    Now a burning/plague infected jockey...THAT would be fun XD
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  6. iOFl

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    Unfortunately, Accelerator doesn't want to add such mini-bosses.
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  7. sugoi

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    Well how about a 'no flashlight ' box or an easy box lol