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Discussion in 'Main' started by sugoi, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. sugoi

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    Hey guys ,

    I wanna ask if auto clicker is allowed for example if I have dual glocks I could spam it and can aim properly at the same time :)
    I am not using it right now and I do not know how to but my mouse has macros enabled which I think I can set it up .


    PS: I again forgot that there is an english forum my bad
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  2. iOFl

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    Better dont use mouse macros here, it may look like aim cheat.
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  3. sugoi

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    Hey guys I just tried the auto clicker I was talking about it didn't help in anyway except that my dad can't hear me furiously clicking my left mouse button lol
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  4. sugoi

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    Another macro I tried was mainly for awp I added left click and right click and inserted a 100ms delay and then whenever I shoot with that mouse key it auto shoves for me XD its quite useful for me because my dad can't hear my mouse clicks but for you guys it will be most probably useless XD