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    Hello, i wanted to buy VIP some weeks ago and i saw that Core-SS accepts only PayPal & some other payments. I appeal to staff to add more payment options since these payment gateways that you provide right now are restricted for a lot of countries, including mine. It would be better if you would consider adding crypto payments like bitcoin/ethereum, so the payments can be done worldwide without problems. Thanks for reading (if you ever red what i said xD ).
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    It is inappropriate to use crypto payments on the territory of Russia, because problems arise with these payments, due to some prohibitions and restrictions on the use of this currency in Russia.
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    Да он с переводчиком, отвечаю, англичанин недоделанный :D
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    What, there's no RubelCoin or anything?

    Come on, I'd like to buy VIP, but the FBI won't let me use paypal after that one little incident that I don't want to talk about.

    Anyone want to trade steam gift cards/nude pictures for VIP?
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    Bought 1 month vip for you on rus coop server, they will enable it tommorow.
    Enjoy :)
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    I love you XD I'll send nudes later!