For those who have a potato machine

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  1. sugoi

    sugoi Активный пользователь Участник

    For most people above 60fps is good and on 60fps and less than that you'll fell very lagy.

    Things you can do to improve it:



    2.) Lower down your resolution , if you have a bad processor then lowering your resolution will definitely help
    (I personally use 1152X864 I previously used 1024X768 but its a bit less quality)

    3.) If you have a decent CPU like an i5 (more than 7th gen) and you still have less fps then you'll need to drop the rest of the settings as well (I use all LOW even the shaders).

    4.) If you use a laptop like I do make sure to have it plugged in all time and your power mode is set to performance.

    5.) If you still have less fps you can download MSI afterburner to check whats the thing which is limiting the frames , is it the CPU or the GPU . If its the CPU then drop the res even lower and if its GPU then set everything to the lowest. You should also see the temperature , more than 90 (for some laptops its 80 and then they will drop the CPU clock speed to keep the temperature normal)If none of them are being limited then I am afraid you are getting power throttled and to fix it we need to move to the advanced stuff



    1.)If none of the above solution work for you then you might need to overclock your CPU ( or potentially your integrated GPU as well) This stuff is pretty complicated and not recommended for everyone. You will have to do your own searching for it but in the end it will turn well .

    2.) If you're getting Power throttled like I was you can undervolt your CPU and your GPU too.
    this process is pretty safe (given you have watchdog support also known as the fail safe which most of the pc have) It also reduces the temperature of your machine significantly .

    If you have an intel chip you can download Intel extreme tuning utility or for amd its amd overdrive(discontinued but for really old CPU its still available on non official websites) or ryzen master.

    There are a lot of numbers in these software so be careful while doing something and google it if you can't understand .

    Here's a link to a proper guide :
    [Play YouTube Video]

    I have given my personal undervolt measures in the image .

    After doing all of this stuff I manage to get over 60fps most of the time (unless there is TOO much action going on like spitter box+boombox+airstrike+meteor+barrael box at the same time ).And now I can even record some stuff with bandicam :p but frames drop to 40

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  2. sugoi

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    I found another idea which worked well for me . My CPU was getting power throttled a lot and undervolting helped to some extent but my fps still droped to 20 sometimes .

    For the new fix open XTU or amd overdrive/ryzenmaster.
    Turn the turbo boost short power thingy up by say 0.5W and then do a stress test. Continue doing this until you reach a threshold value and you system crashes and then reduce that threshold value by 0.5W .

    For me the normal value (written in the right hand side of the screenshot as 'at boot') was 15 W
    I turned it to 20W ( proposed value).

    You are also doing this on your own risk beware not to push the system too hard.

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  3. sugoi

    sugoi Активный пользователь Участник

    Edit : We have turned the power up for the CPU only because this game is CPU bounded more . There will be a limit upto which you can increase the power . I pushed it to 23W and set my resolution to 1080p , at that point the game was no longer CPU bound , it was GPU bound .