The AWP in the Last Stand Campaing should be removed or changed.

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Should the fixed AWP spawn on the Last Stand campaing be removed by Accel?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. ☆ PheX

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    The people who have played this campaing on core-ss probably realized alredy this campaing is an AWP rush for the first level. Last time we played on ENG server there was 6 people with adren rushing that AWP on antirush and leaving incap teammates behind. It pretty much guarantees you will make a lot of kills from start to finish of the campaing and you don't depend on the random drops.

    On long campaings with multiple tanks (Hard Rain, Dead Air, Crash Course for example) it's ok to have for the last level a free scout/awp/gl, but this one is on the first level and the maps are very short and open which is perfect for the AWP.

    It makes people very greedy and instead of focusing on the gameplay we all just want to rush the best and rarest weapon which is somehow for free on the very first map on a very short campaing. That's why after a discussion about it on ENG server frecuent players agreed to ask Accel to consider removing the AWP or replacing it with a weaker weapon like an AK/M60.

    What do you think?
  2. ☆ PheX

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    Well Accel alredy removed it, Thanks!! :):)