Having good a good ping ?

Discussion in 'Other' started by sugoi, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. sugoi

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    I have seen people who can melle kill si faster than me even if I hit them first .

    My question is , is it true that a guy with 40 ping his melle will register first compared to someone like me?

    Always it happens with me , I always loose in melle fights somehow even if I left click faster than them .
    In some cases (30% of the time) I hit with my melle and it makes hit sound but the hit didn't register somehow 0_o
    This has increased significantly after the glorious last stand update ( remove that map from the rotation pls noone likes it XD)

    Also when I ping the eng server IP it gives me a nice constant 150ms ping but in practice it's always more than 200. Maybe there is something I'm doing wrong .

    Also does staff has a local server to core rus , he has like 10ms ping :)
  2. céleste

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    Maybe you should tweak your values of cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate and some other console commands
  3. M777MP™

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    maybe reduce lerp ?
  4. sugoi

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    I have tried playing with the lerp it always feels the same (really laggy commons etc)
    Most of the time when like only 2-3 people are left my ping drops to 180 from 200 and it feels way more smooth .
    Here is a video :
    [Play YouTube Video]

    I have had more bad lags than in this video