Possible Repeated Votekick = Ban?

Discussion in 'Main' started by ♥pound the tuna♥, Mar 3, 2021.

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    In [ENG], there was an issue reported in the discord about a user who was using voice chat and saying racist, derogatory things and things that were very insulting to listen to. Members said they vote-kicked the person multiple times, but since no admin came in, they just kept coming back and repeating themselves and doing worse things. I asked in discord if they could screenshot the text if they were typing the bad stuff, but the things they typed were not as bad as what they were apparently saying in voice.

    My question is:

    Is it possible to register within 24 hours how many vote kicks a person has? If someone is vote-kicked 3 times for example, can it become a 24 hour ban? This would give players an option to remove bad players if there are no admins available. If this isn't possible, is there some other solution that can be made? There are a few windows of time where there is no available admin and bad people show up, either TKing for items or intentionally biling players or with inappropriate spray.
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    I agree with "If they have been kicked for more than 3 times a day" then give them a 10 hour ban or less or more ".
    I also don't see if this can be misused in anyway :)
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    You can tell the admins they will put the perma gag/mute to such players.
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    he/she means to say that not always an admin is around on the server)
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    Recently, there have been a lot of random people joining who shout in voicechat or play loud music etc. Sure, we could all selfmute them but it resets after map change and map restart. The other day a guy started shooting people and we had no admin around for a while until we finally could votekick him for too much TK.
    Some of them might not even care about a 10 hour ban or so, they just join to annoy people in voice for a while until they leave again before an admin can show up. It would be cool if there was a way for more people to be able to start a vote kick on such players :/
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    We are told to provide evidence for everything, which is valid, but voice chat is not easy to get evidence for. So when voice chat issues arise, we cannot solve the problem until an admin logs in and hears for themselves. By this time the person has logged out.

    A fair amount return to play in the server as well, they dont play once and leave forever.

    Evidence is important but so is quantity of reports. If 3 people are reporting the same issue, in this case a voice chat problem, would that be evidence enough without actually hearing it first hand?

    I was just seeking a solution to help players if an admin cannot be present for situations like these because a lot of bad ones get in and nothing is done about it.
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    As requested, I'd like to add to this. I reported this guy in the discord channel for doing so and was backed up by several people and basically anyone that was online at the time. He was both annoying and extremely distracting. 99% of the server has !sm muted him but that needs to be done again after each round and I also believe after each time he was kicked though I can't confirm as I didn't mute him with the intention to listen to the sort of degenerate stuff he was saying. Mostly just revolting noises with the occasional racial slur mixed in. Spamming the mic, general random and unfunny vulgar stuff in text chat.

    Someone being vote-kicked 3 times in a row is frankly not enough for people like this who solely wish to join the game to "troll" or "annoy" other players. As far as I'm aware, he's yet to even be muted, gagged or receive anything other than the player issued kicks. Every admin that bothers to read the discord reports channel is fully aware of someone breaking the rules while they were not available in game. So why no punishments? The reports channel is there to inform admins of something going on while they are not available but, in cases like this, nothing gets done.

    Either expanding vote kick rights to other players, expanding the admin list or perhaps implementing an auto ban after 2/3 player issued vote kicks may solve the majority of these issues. But as a player that IS currently muted I find it a bit personally strange that players like this are allowed to effectively roam free since none of us can provide voice chat evidence of rule breaking.
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    I think the server has logs of voice chats too but the guy you are talking about is random , new people play here everyday , there are times when no admins are there and its always not possible for an admin to just go out and gag 1 guy who probably will leave in the next minute .

    If there is a person who abuses a lot /curses /say racist stuff its good to kick when no admin available but if that guy keeps coming back then its a problem (Taking into account that no admin on server).

    So a 2 hour ban timer on people votekicked should be good in my opinion.
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